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Trouble sleeping equals time for reflection

July 30, 2014 - Pam Rodgers

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep but you can’t figure out why?

Last night, I was having a staring contest with my ceiling. Usually there is something important on my mind or I’ve had too much caffeine but neither of those were the culprits. My body simply refused to sleep. I even turned on an audiobook that I reserve for these occasions and found myself interested in what the stodgy, British voice was saying — that was troublesome in and of itself.

Well as sleep continued to elude me, I started reflecting a a few minor things. This blog actually popped into my head. I couldn’t narrow down a topic, which probably kept me awake longer. I eventually drifted off, still undecided.

So now, in the light of day, I’ve decided to combine it all into one. My weekends seem to be my go to to fins a topic, and this past weekend provided several things to choose from.

My first thought was about the movie I went to see. I’ve been all over the place this summer so I haven’t had much chance to hit the theaters. I finally got to see “Maleficent.” I thought I was going to love it, but I didn’t. It wasn’t a bad movie, per se, but it strayed so far from the original Disney source material that I couldn’t enjoy it. Not a great leap back into my theater habit. I then could have gone on about how disappointing the summer film season has been, but I didn’t want to spend a whole blog complaining, so I tried to think of another topic.

On Sunday, I spent the day at Principal Park watching the ICubs play a double-header against the Red Birds. The Iowa Cubs have had a great season this year with some of the top prospects in the league on the roster. The day was fun, however, both games weren’t very exciting. Neither team hit particularly well and the pitchers weren’t good enough for a pitcher’s duel. And I am back to complaining again. It’s best to look elsewhere.

The other possibles were watching my brother play softball on Saturday. His team didn’t do as well as he hoped, and I got sunburned so that wasn’t a great option. I had fun frequenting the concession stand but then I’d be obligated to mention ... best stop that right there.

My parents just got back from Branson and had a good time but were disappointed with a show that is a must-see every time any of us goes there. It caused us to break out old show DVDs and relive the memories. That was fun, but the only reason to do it was because my parents didn’t like the current show. During one show, all my dad kept doing was bringing up this year’s show, and how disappointing it was in comparison. It infuriated me. I’m still a little peeved to be honest.

The most exciting thing I did was clean and redecorate my room — that sounds like the worst blog idea in the world. It really was great. I fixed my closet door, dusted, put up my new Disney/tiger decorations ... anyone else yawning?

Overall, I had a good weekend, but I do seem to have little complaints here and there. I hate complainers and whiners. It’s best just to put it behind me and try to remember the fun rather than the parts that weren’t so great.

Next weekend is my cousin’s wedding, and it should be far more exciting.

P.S. The story I listen to is “The Cricket on the Hearth” By Charles Dickens. It really is a good story, but the narrator has such a soothing, rhythmic voice it’s difficult for me to stay awake while listening. Best to enjoy on the page.



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