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Vote today!

November 2, 2009 - Mike Donahey
"Now go out and vote, it will make you feel good."
CBS correspondent Bob Schaeffer attributed those words to his late mother after he moderated a McCain-Obama debate last year.
It is wise and timeless advice.
Today voters in Marshalltown and citizens in other Central Iowa communities
will vote in town elections.
Is voting in a town election important? Yes.
The men or women we re-elect or elect, will be making decisions, large and small, for us beginning in 2010. Eventually, some of their decisions we will like. Others we will not.
But not everything in life turns out the way we want. And that includes politics locally, at the state level and nationally.
A vote is like saying "this is who I think should be making those decisions"
Not everyone feels comfortable standing up at a city council meeting. Nor do some like writing letters "to the editor." Others would not think of listing a comment on "Vent" or sending an e-mail in reply to a blog.
The anonymity and privacy of voting gives us the power to tell mayors and city council members "this is what I think."
I voted for the first time years ago in a Clinton school board election.
It did make me feel good. I've made a conscientious effort to vote most times since then.
Have I had perfect voting attendance since? No.
And when I don't vote, I regret it.
But when I do, as I will today at Miller Middle school, I will feel better when I am done.
Follow the advice given to Bob Schaeffer by his late mother.
"Now go out and vote, it will make you feel good."
I guarantee it.



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