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Super cute chipmunks

January 13, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
OK, I admit it...I love Alvin and the Chipmunks as much as any little kid. I went to the Squekquel and found it 100 percent entertaining. I enjoyed it immensely. I went to it in Chariton with my sister, and it was sold out, with most of the population in the theater aged 12 and below. I have to say that the atmosphere added to the movie experience. There were some older adults in the audience as well, and they enjoyed it as much as the children. It truly is a movie for all ages.
I have a soft spot for Theodore. He’s my favorite chipmunk. He’s so sweet and cuddly. I have loved Theodore since the cartoon and am continuing that with the movies. Alvin and Simon have their good points too, but I still find Theodore the best of all of them. He’s the most loyal and lovable of all the chipmunks and has the best lines!
The addition of the Chipetts was really good. I enjoyed the new story line with them. From someone who watched the chipmunks cartoons when she was little, I was very excited when I saw that the girl chipmunks were coming in. The song choices for them were really cool.
The one thing I didn’t like was the return of Ian, the really annoying music manager from the first one. I hated him in the first one and it didn’t change in the second movie. There are very few movie characters that I hate, and he is definitely close to the top of that list.
For anyone that enjoyed the first one they should check this one out. Whether you go to it in theaters or rent it when it comes out on DVD, it’s a must see for munk fans.
Hopefully they will make another one!


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