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I Have Recieved No Compensation

May 9, 2008 - Wes Burns
I forget things. Usually small stuff: where are my keys? Why can't I hear the dog? How did I end up here? The kinds of question you find yourself asking every day.

Thousands of dollars have been spent by myself and my family in an attempt to remedy this situation. Numerous organizers, notepads, calendars, personal digital assistants; just about anything you can think of to remind a person where they were supposed to go at 3pm or when they needed to pick someone up.

Needless to say that all of these other methods have failed. Spectacularly. The organizers were barely touched, the notepads empty, and the less said about my ill-fated relationship with my Palm Pilot the better.

After all of these setbacks what is a person to do? Once again, when in need of answers, we need look no further than the Internet (birthplace of fact). I came across a service called Jott. Its still in beta testing right now but it is free to sign up and, frankly, outstanding.

Hypothetical: I'm driving down the street when I get a call and agree to do something. (help somebody move, pick up milk, find the real killers, etc) Confident in my ability to forget even the most important of tasks I need a way to remember all of this. Fortunately I already have my phone.

With Jott I can call an 800 number, which is staffed by a very friendly robot, and leave myself a voice mail message detailing whatever it is I need to remember. THEN the robot will translate my voice mail into text and send me an e-mail that contains whatever my voice mail said. THEN the robot (I can only assume it's just one, multi-armed robot that does everything and kind of looks like something from a Fritz Lang movie) will call me at a time of my choosing and remind me about the other reminders.

This is why the Internet is fantastic. How else would I be able to replace a simple pen and paper note with a complex system of computers, telephones and robots designed to remind me that I have yet to return Red Dawn to the video store (Wolverines!) Millions of dollars worth of hard ware, all for my convenience.

The reason I'm posting about this is the software is still in its beta stage and looking for people to try it out. The address is and the service is completely free. Fun websites like this one have a tendency to die after a few months if nobody uses the service so give it a shot. If for nothing else try and keep it alive for my sake; I can't go back to pen and paper.


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