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Shocker: I found another TV show

April 14, 2010 - Pam Rodgers

I really need to stop watching so much TV, especially on Monday and Tuesday. My TV schedule is so top heavy, by the time Wednesday is here, there is nothing for me to watch except Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday. But alas, I am pretty much hooked on yet another TV show, Chuck. It’s on Monday’s at 7 p.m. on NBC. This completes my network viewing. NBC was the only station that I didn’t watch a show on and Chuck is as good a show as any to fill the slot.

While it hasn’t necessarily been as strong an attachment as my most recent new shows, I can say it has surpassed on some of my favorite shows that I have been watching longer. It hasn’t broken my top 5 but its close, as in number 6.

I guess I was looking for a good spy TV show ever since Alias went off the air in 2006. I have shows that are close to espionage, like NCIS, White Collar and Leverage, but not a true-to-form CIA based plot line. Chuck takes a refreshing new take on the whole spy world. Chuck is a nerdy guy and not your typical spy material. But thanks to a thing called the “intersect” installed in his brain, he can go from super nerd to super spy in a flash, literally.

Chuck along with CIA handler Sarah Walker and her NSA partner Colonel John Casey all go undercover, kick butt and catch the bad guys to save the world. As a a rule for any show I am going to watch, there has to be a romantic angle and Chuck doesn’t disappoint. Chuck and Sarah have a potential relationship despite working together as CIA agents. They are a very good match and have great scenes together, which is a huge plus for the plot line.

Chuck’s sister, Ellie and her husband Devon, known as Captain Awesome, help to balance Chuck’s life from what it was before he became a spy to what it is now. Also, Chuck’s best friend Morgan adds a little something to the mix that helps the show along; although he can be very irritating.

There is a draw back to the show, which is holding me back from truly loving the show. That is Chuck’s “friends” and co-workers at the Buy More (the appliance store that acts as his every day cover). They are the most obnoxious people on a TV show that I have seen in awhile. I think it is meant as another balance between the spy world with the nerd world but I am happier when they spend less time on that and more on the missions, which happens about 90 percent of the time. I admit the Buy More group have their moments but for the most part, it’s pretty much pure idiocy.

So in conclusion, add another show to my Monday-Tuesday line-up, made only possibly by the delightful technology known as the DVR.

I also just found out that Chuck is on the bubble for being renewed or canceled. USA Today is holding a poll to help save the shows. Here’s the link to go to the article and then click on the hyperlink next to “START SURVEY” and help keep Chuck on the air.


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