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My Top 10

May 7, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
I know I have invested several blogs about what I watch on television. My TV Schedule is quite complicated on some days and none existent on others. I recently sat down and evaluated what I consider my Top 10 TV shows that I watch. Let me tell you, it was not easy. Several shows are about equal for me and my opinion has changed in the last few weeks.
So here it is my current Top 10:
1. NCIS; 2. Big Bang Theory; 3. Chuck; 4. Dancing with the Stars; 5. Castle; 6. Grey’s Anatomy; 7. So You Think You Can Dance?; 8. White Collar; 9. Leverage; 10. NCIS: LA
These rankings did not come without a lot of thought. I have no doubt that they will change next year as I tune in to new shows and see what turns my current shows take. It may even change as the show’s come to a close this season. I will say the top spot was easy for me. I don’t see that changing any time soon. NCIS is just awesome. No matter how much I like another show, it’s still the best. There are many who agree with me as it is the number one show on TV.
Now that I think about it, three weeks ago this wasn’t my Top 10. Here is how I would have ranked it then:
1. NCIS; 2. Big Bang Theory; 3. Dancing with the Stars; 4. Castle; 5. Grey’s Anatomy; 6. Chuck; 7. So You Think You Can Dance?; 8. NCIS: LA; 9. Leverage; 10. White Collar
Not a whole lot of difference. The biggest in my mind is the drop out of Grey’s Anatomy from my top five. Last year, I claimed Grey’s Anatomy my favorite show. But the turns that it has taken this year has severely changed my opinion of the show. I still like it and I watch every episode. I even like certain new things on the show, but overall, this has been its worst season. The bottom three are all pretty equal for me. It just kind of depends on the episode I just watched or my mood at the time.
Another significant change is Chuck. A month ago here is how it was ranked on my list:
1. NCIS; 2. Big Bang Theory; 3. Dancing with the Stars; 4. Castle; 5. Grey’s Anatomy; 6. So You Think You Can Dance?; 7. NCIS: LA; 8. Leverage; 9. White Collar; 10. Chuck
I merely tuned in and didn’t get into it. I realize now I was not very smart. It is now in my top 3 and I am glad that it is there. I love watching the new episodes every week! I just hope we get a fourth season.
So there you have it. My top shows. All I have left to say is I can’t wait to see how all of these shows wrap up its seasons. I’m excited!


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