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You People

May 27, 2008 - Wes Burns
What is wrong with you people? I have spent numerous blogs discussing the many injustices that we face here in Marshalltown: weathermen, the lack of late night movies, and the ever present threat of deer. And yet there is no action. I had assumed that a coalition of the willing would have formed around one of these ideas and some citizen action would have been taken. To date nothing has been done.

Perhaps it is apathy. We all have lives and sometimes the minutia of day to day life can get the best of us. Maybe you would have been more than willing to form a cadre of irregulars to tackle the growing problem of there being no places to eat after 11pm but then there was a 36 hour long marathon of The Deadliest Catch and you just couldn’t pull yourself away. I completely understand, many an afternoon of my own has been lost to watching Capt Sig Hansen try and beat the last 24 rush of Opilio crab season. Long sail the Northwestern!

Maybe you think that the myriad of social problems I have discussed aren’t really relevant to your day to day life. I can understand that one as well. Maybe you aren’t bombarded by deer as you drive, maybe you like constantly talking about the weather, and maybe you didn’t like summer vacation (communist!). For this group I have the latest in the line of travesties that plague our very existence and I think you would be hard pressed to find someone that isn’t personally affected.

Ever been driving on 35 south and try to take 235 in Des Moines? How about before the construction, when the semi that forgets to merge could me your very death? And what of I80? East for West the interstate is a semi-truck slalom, with hundreds of tons of steel racing around you and speeds that begs the question “where is the highway patrol?” I’ll bet you have. Did you know there is a problem to this solution?

Weigh stations. When semis have to weigh in it lowers the traffic congestion and lets Iowa know just how much damage is being done to our roads. Sounds like a good idea right? We’ve all seen the weigh stations on the highway but ask yourself: have you ever seen one that is open?


Maybe you’ve seen one, maybe even two but the overwhelming majority of weigh stations are closed. Oh, they have a sign that says weigh station, and you can actually see the building itself but they aren’t open. I’m sure the equipment used to weigh trucks is not cheap and yet there it sits, totally inoperative.

Now again is when I call upon my intrepid readers to break through the chains of apathy and try a little self interest. You all pay taxes and those taxes fund these weigh stations. If none of them are open then I should have to pay less taxes right? And where is the weigh station budget going? If they’re never open then what do they actually do in those buildings? Reverse engineer alien spacecraft? Of course. Secret government holding cells for international criminals? Absolutely. Weighing trucks? Not a chance.

Now is the time people! Tell your friends, write your congressmen, yell it at Presidential candidates as they trek through Iowa in the coming months. We need to get the word out! And I wish you all the best of luck; just don’t look for me to be much of a help on this one, King crab season is starting soon.


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