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Officially a Linda Hamilton fan

October 25, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
I admit, I was frightened easily in my youth. A scary commercial would give me nightmares. Because of this, I wrote off the Terminator movies without so much as a backward glance. Machine coming from the future to kill you, no thank you! T3 came out when I was in high school so i took the plunge and watched that one. I thought it was good, but it never compelled me to catch up on the series.

Enter, "Chuck." Over the summer, I learned that Linda Hamilton, famous for her portrayal of Sarah Connor, would be playing Chuck's mom. I really only knew her as playing opposite Pierce Brosnan in Dante's Peak. To clarify an earlier point, Linda Hamilton isn't in T3 so I didn't get to see her as Sarah Connor in that movie. I made it a whole month before I gave into the urge to watch the Terminator movies. I enjoyed them a lot. I thought the second one, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, was the best of them all. It gave me the full picture of Linda Hamilton as this kick-butt, hard nose, machine killer.

Now in the latest Chuck episode, Linda Hamilton is in the show fully, finally reunited with her son. After watching that episode, I am so glad I watched the Terminator movies. Seeing Hamilton in the role of "super-spy" mom was easy after seeing her as Sarah Connor. We are still unsure of her allegiances at this point, but she is perfect for the part. She makes you believe what she is saying but you can't be sure if she is telling you the full truth. Linda Hamilton is a wonderful actress, and I can't wait for next week to see what she will do next on Chuck.

On a different but not unrelated topic, the Oct. 25 episode of Chuck was awesome. The Halloween themed episode was perfect display of what makes Chuck so great. Chuck's reunion with his mom was as good as anticipated, but still leaves you with plenty of questions. Chuck is finally going get enough courage to let Ellie in on the secrets surrounding their mother. I actually didn't mind the Jeff and Lester parts of the episode, which is saying something and is a huge compliment to the show. There will be tension between Chuck and Sarah now because of his mother, but I could see that coming. It would be hard to believe if there wasn't a fight after Sarah helped organize a CIA team to capture Chuck's mom. Next episode will hopefully resolve that quickly, because one thing is for sure, the show is the best when Chuck and Sarah are together. They can't mess with that now.



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