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Watching plenty of ‘Potter’

November 22, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
I saw the newest movie of the Harry Potter franchise: “Deathly Hallows: Part 1” and I loved it!! It was so accurate to the book, well acted and it was nicely put together by the cast and crew. It wasn’t action all the time, which is nice, and explored some of the more tender and heartfelt story lines of the seventh Potter book.

I attended the midnight showing with my brother and my dad. We all enjoyed the experience. I was antsy throughout the whole movie, wondering what they would choose to put in and what they would skip over. Sometimes I annoy myself with how impatient I get for the storyline to continue; knowing what could happen is maddening at times. The biggest question mark was where they were going to split the story line and end part one. Without giving anything away, I think it was an appropriate time to split the plot, leaving a strong cliffhanger but not one that puts the life or death of a character in question.

The movie was jammed packed with every emotion in the book — excitement, happiness, joy, love, glee, anxiety, fear, frustration, confusion (in a good way), and unfortunately, sadness. The epic showdown between good and evil is not without it’s tragic parts, but there is enough success experienced and the promise of more triumph in the future to get past the sadness.

The film really showed how close the main three — Harry, Hermione and Ron — are in the story line. Their friendship is a key component for success against the dark magic. More importantly, it showed how the actors — Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint — have come into their own in their acting talents and their ability to portray their charters perfectly. They are close as the three charters in the book.

Well besides going to the midnight showing, I have now seen the movie two other times, both on Saturday. I had intended only to go once that day with my sister to the 12:45 p.m. showing. Trish is a bigger Harry Potter nerd than I am, and she was uber jealous that I got to go to the midnight showing and not her. So we made immediate plans to go as soon as we could. Trish enjoyed it so much, that she asked the rest of our family crew if they wanted to go to the 9:20 p.m. showing that evening, using the fact that mom had yet to see the movie as leverage. Well, everyone else agreed to go so I went too; I didn’t mind seeing it again for a third time. The movie actually gets better each time you see it.

Then on Sunday, Trish wanted to watch the sixth movie, Half Blood Prince, to remind herself everything that went on in that film. I, of course, watched it with her. So to sum up my movie watching for the past week: I watched the sixth Potter Wednesday night before going to the midnight showing of the first part of the seventh Potter Thursday night/Friday morning. Then saw 7.1 twice on Saturday and the sixth Potter again on Sunday. If I was less of a fan, I would be all Pottered out.

One last observation about the movie: I am happy that they split the story into two parts. It allowed them to put a lot of things in the movie that may have been cut if they had tried to squeeze it into one two and half hour film. The only problem is that I want part two to come out next week, but that is not possible. Guess I will just have to wait through the DVD release of 7.1 and then next summer, the whole story comes to a close with the eighth movie or as I will call it 7.2. I’m still not sure I can wrap my head around the fact that it is really going to be over. I’m sure I will be in tears when the last scene fades into the credits.


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