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30th Bloggiversery!

June 20, 2008 - Wes Burns
A lot of people told me that it would never happen. "You're crazy!" they'd say, "You don't posses near the skill necessary to undertake a blog!", "Just who do you think you are?" I'm Wes Burns, and this is my 30th blog.

WOOOOOOOOO! We made it! Yeah! Give yourselves a round of applause!

Note: if you are reading this in an office and wish to refrain from showing any kind of public display of enthusiasm feel free to just sigh an imperceptible moan of despair-that should blend into the background nicely.

I say "give yourselves a round of applause" because it really is my readers, or "Strangers" as they are known around my basement, that have made The Opinion into the unstoppable media juggernaut that it is today. In honor of these brave, few blog readers I dedicate this historic 30th post them with a return of Viewer Mail!

(hold for applause)

Thank you. First on the list I would like to welcome some new posters to the board. Morsecoderain, posting in the blog "They Have Struck Again" and again in...never...said that "blerg". There was quite a bit more to the post, all of it with impeccable grammar, but I was unable to draw myself away from the name. Morsecoderain. I know all of those words but they don't make any sense when you put them in that order.

From the gibberish that is morsecoderain we move onto the legion poster that is TRFansUnite. I appreciate the sentiment but anybody with a touch of dyslexia is going to look at that name and read it as TRansFat; I know I did. Posting in the blog "Now in Brilliant High Definition" United Fan says some pretty harsh things about Terri Hatcher and Jessica Parker while making liberal use of the English comma. I don't think that commas should ever be abused that way, but TrFansUnited was dead on about Sara Jessica Parker and her dead eyes.

Just a quick addendum: are you multiple people posting under a nationalist banner supporting the paper? If so that is fantastic but we would all appreciate it if you posted individually; more individual posters equals more ad revenue. Obviously you don't have to...just thought you might be real fans, that's all.

The last new poster, expatriateprp, gets bonus points for referencing a blog of mine in his name. Unfortunately these points were immediately seized after I learned that he was one of two people defending the music of Shaquille O'Neal. He also eluded to owning a cassette tape. ExpatriatePRP is actually a good friend of mine named Randolph Friendly. Randolph moved away from Iowa and, like all good expatriates, lives in one of the three places where people move. And thank you for not making your posting name your actually name; privacy is paramount here in the blogosphere. I'm looking at you on this "derekdolezal", whomever you may be.

Before I end this monumental 30th post I would like to take the time to honor a great friend of the blog wickedgiant. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing wickedgiant in the real world but even if we had never met, and for some reason wickedgiant was reading my blog, the frequent posting would warrant mention. No other poster has the diligence, tenacity and raw emotional content that wickedgiant puts into every post. Also: use of the word boo-yah. I've always been a fan. Thanks wickedgiant for letting me know that somebody, somewhere, is actually reading this thing.



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