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Great decision for the Sing Off finale

December 16, 2010 - Pam Rodgers
I have been quietly gotten into the Sing Off on NBC. I was originally going to “boycott” the show because NBC put it in my favorite show, Chuck’s time slot for December. However, nice promos and following a co-workers suggestion I watched the second episode on Dec. 9 and I was hooked.

I’m a sucker for outstanding musical performances and the Sing Off didn’t disappoint. All of the groups competing have a lot of talent and I don’t envy the judges job of deciding which group should go home. Apparently, they didn’t either. Last episode they were supposed to narrow the field to three groups for the season finale, a task I thought to be impossible. The judges agreed. They kept all four groups and they will all get a chance to sing for the title next Monday. I am getting excited just thinking about it.

My two favorites are a black gospel group out of Alabama, Committed and a group of California college music all-stars, The Backbeats. For Committed, there is only six guys in the group but the fill out the sound like a group of 20. Everyone of the six are outstanding and can handle their own on a solo. It is truly amazing what they can do. For a group who group up singing church music, they do pop music really well. Then again, with thier voices, they could sing the phone book and it would sound amazing.

The Backbeats have 10 in the group and they blend so well, you wouldn’t ever guess that they have only been together a month-plus. They have two powerhouse female vocalists that can move you with their voices. My favorite group member is often the unsung hero of a capella, the vocal percussionist. Courtney is her name and she is the only female laying down the beats on the show. And she does it so well!

The other two groups are Nashville natives, Street Corner Symphony and an old school group with a legendary lead singer, Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town.

Street Corner’s lead singer Jeremy has such a great voice. He makes that group. They also only have six guys and, for most of their performances, it sounds like they had a lot more. They have had some rough performances, but overall I have really enjoyed listening to them.

Jerry Lawson was a member of The Persuasions, a very successful a capella from the 60s and 70s. He left the group in the late 70s and hasn’t sang professionally in 40 years, until he met the a capella group Talk of the Town. They five-man group (all in their later years) were more than happy to let Jerry join the group and lend his voice to their groove. I can tell you, it is amazing to hear them sing. It is a capella in its purest form. While I am blown away by the modernized version of a capella with beat boxing and bass lines that sound more like the instrument than words, I am equally taken away by Jerry and Talk of the Town. They do it so well, they don’t need a vocal percussionist. It’s hard not to like them. It’s Jerry’s second chance and he’s happy to be preserving a kind of music that seemed to all but disappear.

So there you have it. Those are the contenders. I’m getting chills and goosebumps just thinking about the finale. They group number at the beginning could be epic, just saying. It will be great to get to hear these very talented group perform one last time on the Sing Off stage!

As a treat, I’m including a video of the Top 6’s performance of Green Day’s “21 Guns.” It’s awesome!


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