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Another standout episode for Castle

January 5, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
As my shows slowly begin starting to air new episodes after winter hiatus, I am jumping back into my television routine right there with them. This Monday, ABC’s Castle aired a new episode and it was a great one. It really showed off the acting talent of the show’s leading lady Stana Katic as Det. Kate Beckett.

The episode entitled “Nicki Heat” introduced a new character, Natalie Rhodes who has been cast to play “Nicki Heat” in the movie based on the Rick Castle’s (the show’s main character and namesake) book “Heat Wave” that is inspired by Det. Beckett, who Castle has been shadowing for more than two years now. It’s just another tier to the basic setup of the show, which is novelist Castle being allowed to tag-along on Beckett’s murder investigations for his Nicki Heat books. If it sounds complicated, it’s really not ... trust me.

Anyway in the most recent episode, Natalie comes to the shadow Beckett as well to get into character for the movie. It’s an interesting play on her part because of Beckett’s original displeasure of Castle constantly on her case, despite being very helpful on a lot of her cases.

Beckett is loving having Natalie around at first because Castle loses some of the attention and gets pouty about it. Then the tables turn as Natalie starts to become exactly like Beckett, which drives the real Beckett crazy. Also the more Natalie becomes like Beckett, the more Castle changes his opinion about her and starts to like her, putting tension on the “will they, won’t they” relationship that has been going on between Castle and Beckett from the start.

Katic, usually very serious in her roll, got to show some diversity in this episode as she got to be a little silly in her attempts to hide from “Creepy Beckett.” It was fun to see the lighter side of Beckett that we get to see on rare and very special occasions. In the end, it all turns out well as Natalie helps slam the door shut on the murder investigation of the episode. Beckett ends the episode on good terms with Natalie playing her as Nicki Heat. Everyone admired the lengths she went to copying Beckett, which showed her dedication to getting the part right.

The other part that made this particular episode great the another side story (the main story is always the murder but I tend to talk about the characters and not the investigation). Det. Kevin Ryan is trying to plan the perfect proposal for his long-time girlfriend Jenny. Castle and Beckett weigh in on their suggestions on how big or small he should go. Ryan goes with Castle’s suggestions to make it big over Beckett’s more intimate suggestions. But as usual in TV, nothing goes to plan and the big proposal come tumbling down, which means there is a scorned girlfriend crying scene somewhere in the show. It all happens because Ryan’s cover story falls through for the night he secretly went to ask her parents permission.

In the end, as always, things work out when Jenny comes to the police station to talk it out with Ryan. He comes clean about the night he was gone un accounted for and proposes in front of everyone at the station, making it both big and intimate at the same time (I love it when they bring it all together). It was a great ending to an awesome episode.

Castle just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to see what the magician themed episode brings next week.


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