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Finally owning up to something

January 6, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
In one of my reviews I was going to somehow reflect on a personal change that occurred October, I joined Twitter. Monumental, I know, considering how much I bashed the site without actually ever visiting it. I guess I can blame it on my obsession with NBC’s Chuck because I joined to enter a sweepstakes to try to win Chuck memorabilia.

It’s not hard to see that Chuck and Twitter go hand-in-hand with me because that’s the biggest reason I follow most of the people I do. I’m not a Chuck only tweeter, thought, I follow people for Castle, DWTS, Big Bang Theory, NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy as well, but I am most interested in the Chuck updates. I have done a complete turn around on my opinion of the site. I guess I didn’t get the point of following people you know and getting updates about what they are doing, eating, etc. It seemed rather pointless.

Then I joined and found out that it is a valuable information source. You can find out what you want to know by finding the right person or people who have the scoop on the subject. I owe my brother, James yet another apology (first with Chuck and now Twitter, so I guess I can blame him for everything).

Twitter has completely changed my web surfing habits. I now go to that more than my email or Facebook (which isn’t hard because I’ve never been a Facebook junkie). I check it at *ahem* work, on lunch breaks, at restaurants with wi fi, use my sister’s Verizon hotspot to my advantage, etc. To help fuel the obsession, I have taken over my brother old iPhone (he got the iPhone 4 over the summer, something I couldn’t possibly afford) and have synced it with my music, videos and other information and erased his — with his permission of course. I now have that on me at all times. The iPhone is great for more than just Twitter but that’s whole other topic.

I now have entertainment information faster than I used to without Twitter. I can keep up-to-date with spoilers, questionnaires, sweepstakes and other happening outside of what airs on TV. I can join campaigns to help Chuck get more seasons, get their actors more recognition for their awesome work (i.e. and find out positive information about my favorite actors without the tabloids following them around and waiting for them to make a bad move.

Twitter has other useful application to my life (watch me bring this back around). Twitter helps me at my job. I now can update the T-R’s Twitter feed and know what I’m doing instead working half blind. I can follow the T-R ( and make sure TweekDeck is doing it’s thing throughout the day and find out if I need to go and fix something.

I can honestly say I love Twitter! Twitter is in and it’s not going away, especially since celebrity have latched on and use it like crazy. I like staying up on the lastest technology; so, I guess it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.


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