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My mind is still working on Inception

January 12, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
Last night, I had the most intense dream that I can’t remember. I didn’t hear my alarm for five minutes, my teeth were clinched and when I got out of bed, my shoulders, neck and back were all sore, and I had destroyed the covers. What did I do? Well, I think I can blame it on watching Inception right before bedtime.

First of all, I had never seen the movie before and heard little about the plot line except that many people were still trying to figure out what was happening. I really had no interest in watching the movie, but my brother had the Blu-Ray so he convinced me to watch the film with him. In a quick summary, I really liked the movie. It really makes you think. I love Leonard DiCaprio, and he was perfect in the lead role.

While the whole concept of the plot is far-fetched (as with a lot of Hollywood’s films), it is done in a way that makes you believe it possible. It’s a true psychological thriller, much like the Butterfly Effect. This is too good a movie to ruin with spoilers. So the next things may not total make sense unless you’ve seen the film.

I found the movie easy to follow. It’s abstract thinking of dreams within dreams is certainly intriguing. The human mind is the most complex organism, and people really have no idea the depths it can go. This movie explores more theory about what dreams really do for our minds and original thoughts are created.

I’m definitely going to need to watch it again to really wrap my head around everything that happened. I think I have a pretty good idea of the what and the why throughout the movie. I could tell the dream worlds from reality. But the very last scene is what has everyone talking, and now I see why. I’m still not sure which belief route I want to take. I’m pretty sure that is exactly what Director and Writer Christopher Nolan had in mind when he put this film together.

It’s is a great movie. It’s two-and-half hours psychological musings that really make you question what is possible and what is not. I was drawn in from the beginning. So much happens that it’s hard to sort out what really did the trick for me. You will just have to watch the movie and decide for yourself.


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