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What makes those birds angry?

January 24, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
Confession time. Over Christmas, my twin sister introduced my brother and me to a game called Angry Birds. Trish had been playing it on her Palm Pre and suggested James and I download the app on our iPhones. I got the free lite version just to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out that I really like it.

The game is centered on these angry birds who are trying to defeat the green pigs after the pigs stole the birds’ eggs. Sounds a little ridiculous, right? After I got past the description, I found that I quite liked the game for reasons beyond the initial concept. The gamer launches the birds at a structure that protects the green pigs. The goal is to break the structure and kill the pigs. And as with all other types of video games, some levels are easier than others.

I made it through all 12 levels in less than 24 hours, a feat that amazed both my siblings. I was hooked enough to spend the 99¢ to buy the full version with more episodes and levels.

I guess its safe to say that I am pretty good at the game as I have already played through episode 5, and I don’t play every day. To make things a little more interesting in my current episode, I am trying to get three stars on all 15 levels. To clarify that, everything you break is worth points, pigs are worth 5,000. The amount of points you score has a value from one to three stars. In the other episodes, I didn’t care about how many stars I got, but I guess I needed a bit more of a challenge.

I guess I have become somewhat of a guru to my siblings because I constantly gets asked, “How do you beat this level?” I look at it and give pointers and sure enough, James and Trish can now beat the level. I have even gone so far as to beat a few of Trish’s levels so she could move on. I like helping out.

While it’s not the most prestigious claim one can make in life, I am still very proud at how good I have gotten at the game. Some physics brainiacs came up with the idea. It’s all about angles and connection points and I guess that just clicks with me. I could always do complex math problems, even if I didn’t really like doing math. It’s fun to test my brain to find out what solution I can come up with to the beat the level.

I will continue the quest the rescue the Angry Birds’ egg from those mean green pigs. I won’t give up until it’s done!


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