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What have I started

January 27, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
Earlier this month, I blogged about creating my first fan video on YouTube using video of Chuck and Sarah from NBC’s Chuck. I have since made a few more videos with using different songs and concepts each time, still centered around my favorite spy couple of course. I have showed them all to my family members, and they really like them.

Now they are jumping in and giving more suggestions on what to do, different songs to use, scenes that they remember from the show that I didn’t use, etc. I really like that. It takes me back to my broadcast media college classes where would have a breakout groups to watch a draft of everyone’s video and then provide feedback on how to make it stronger.

But my family’s suggestion has gone further than that. They now want me to get clips from other favorite shows and put them together as I have with Chuck, which is all well and good, but who has the time. I can crank out a Chuck and Sarah video in an 30 minutes (45 if the exporting is taking forever) because I have all the clips I need. The hardest part is finding accessible clips to use in the video. I started the Chuck project with video I already had and just found more as needed. And, I am also the only one in the family with any sort of background in video editing. I tried to get my sister involved, and she was going bonkers with the amount of thought, precision and patience I use while piecing the perfect line-up of clips together. There is a reason we could never switch jobs.

Let me back up here and say that I think working with video is really fun. I had a blast in college with video editing, and it’s nice to get back into it. I am sure I will make the videos that have been requested of me, I just need to stop procrastinating on the raw video.

The other drawback is that I have to use two computers to work on this project. My PC laptop has the necessary programs to get the video and convert it into mp4 files. To actually put the video together, I am using my dad’s Macbook with iMovie, which is a great program and I taught myself how to use it. The longest part of any video project is the importing and exporting — it’s also the least fun. You just click what video you want or where you want it to save and sit and watch your computer work. Yippie.

Another thing I have discovered from this enterprise is that I really want a Macbook, something I really can’t afford. But, there is no telling what I could do if I had full access to these programs. It would also be really hard for me to go completely to mac. I like PCs too much. On that note, I always say I “lean” PC, but I am happy to say I am proficient on both computers. It’s a lot like my political standing, sort of in the middle and I never really discuss it.

I am hoping that I can get this all accomplished. I have an order for Castle and NCIS with lots of ideas flowing. It’s nice to be able to use the video skills I learned. My Dad says he wishes I could get paid for doing this stuff. Anyone willing to pay for some video editing they need done?

Oh and just in case you're interested. Here's another one of my videos.


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