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Yay for Chuck413

February 1, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
I know I blog about Chuck ... a lot, but I would be remiss in my fandom if I did not at least put out a blog on last night’s episode. It was hyped to be the biggest Chuck of all time, and it delivered, for me at least. Everything happened that I hoped would in the episode, and it makes me excited for the next 11 episodes this year.

This was the 13th episode of the season, hence the blog title. It was originally set to serve as the season finale because NBC only ordered 13 episodes at the end of last season. I couldn’t complain because 13 episodes meant “not canceled.”

In season four, you could tell they were trying to fit a lot storyline into 13 episodes. So it felt a little rushed at times. Chuck didn’t receive the back 11 order until late so it was impossible for the show to slow down on the path they were taking. I hope now that the rest of the season is no longer in doubt, the next 11 will breathe a little more.

OK, back to episode 13. It had the perfect set up for a jam-packed season finale. There was finally a plan to bring down criminal mastermind Alexi Volkoff and rescue Chuck’s mom and his girlfriend Sarah from within the evil organization. Team member, John Casey is laid up in the hospital after being injured on the last mission, leaving him vulnerable to an attack. Chuck’s sister Ellie goes into labor and is unsure if any of her family besides her husband, Devon (a.k.a. Captain Awesome) will be there for her.

Without giving too much away, Chuck comes up with a master plan to take down Volkoff. I don’t want to say to much because it is brilliant.

What I really want to talk about is the last 10 minutes of the show. Here’s where the spoilers are coming out. Show creator and producer Josh Schwartz has been promoting the last 10 minutes to be the best in Chuck’s history. I believe it lived up to the hype. Baby Clara was born, Mama B was there to see the birth, Awesome teared up the first time he held his daughter, Casey and his daughter Alex have a great moment, Casey also accepted that Morgan was going to be in his life as well (Morgan’s dating Alex), Jeffster! performed (that’s something I could have done without but it didn’t completely repulse me) and the biggest payoff, Chuck and Sarah are engaged!!!!

Chuck has always been more that just a spy show. It has a large focus on family and the last 10 minutes really solidified that. Chuck doesn’t the big explosions at the end of the episode to make it exciting — although the last five minutes before the final commercial break were amazing as well and action packed. But that is what makes this show so good. It has the action and the tender family moments as well.

Chuck’s Outlook: The rest of season four is looking to be really awesome. While I do believe that Chuck and Sarah’s relationship progressed a little more quickly than I originally thought it would, I certainly am not going to complain. Now they can be engaged spies instead of just boyfriend/girlfriend. My biggest hope is for the show to get back to the missions. The first half of the season was so focused on Volkoff that it got away from what made the so REALLY good in the past. The previews for next week promise for something like that. Chuck season four has the potential to be the best season ever, and I really hope it is. Now we just need NBC to give a season five!


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