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How can NCIS still do it

February 9, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
After 7 amazing seasons of TV’s #1 scripted drama, you may start to doubt if they can come up with fresh takes on an already great cast. This Tuesday’s episode proved that they could do just that. NCIS had somewhat of a flashback episode with a major twist at the end that had me astonished.

Those familiar with show should know that the first two seasons were different because the female member of the team was Special Agent Caitlin Todd played by Sasha Alexander. I loved her on the show show and when they killed her at the end of season 2, I was shocked and questioned whether or not I would continue to watch it. I cooled off over the summer, found the split between NCIS and Sasha was cordial, and I became curious about how they would catch the man responsible for murdering a team member.

Enter Ziva David. It’s no secret in my previous blogs that I LOVE Ziva. To replace a loved character like Kate took an even better and polar opposite personality like Ziva to do it. The show's producers showed their genius by not trying to replace Kate, but simply add a new member to the team.

Now back to Tuesday’s episode. The show moved along like any other, there was a crime involving the Navy, Gibbs and team were tasked to solve it and the major premise of the show was met. The other dominate story line in the episode was they team needed to complete their routine psych evaluations. Dr. Rachel Cranston shows up and decides to tag-along with the team as they work and evaluate them that way instead of the traditional psychiatrist evaluation room setting.

As the episode moved on, the case became more and more secondary and the conversations with Dr. Cranston more prominent. Now to explain my tangent about Kate. The team members would talk to the doctor and somehow the loss of Kate would find itself at the forefront of the discussion. Experiencing that loss would do a lot for any team that worked that closely together, especially since she was gunned down right in front of them.

Even Ziva has an emotional tie to Kate without even meeting her. Ziva evil brother Ari was responsible for Kate’s death and she was forced to shoot and kill her own brother to gain justice for Kate’s death (there’s a little more too it than that but that’s too much to explain).

*Spoiler Alert* The plot twist will be ruined after this point.

The case wrapped up early and all that was left was to tie things up with Dr. Cranston. The whole episode seemed to be a lot about Kate, and I wasn’t sure why. As it turns out, Dr. Cranston is Kate’s older sister and was not only looking to complete the psych evals but also find a little closure for herself. She got the chance to spend time with the people her sister was close to when she died and even though is has been 5 years, she still couldn’t let it go. That got to me. It brought back the emotions that I felt when Kate was first shot. It was a great reminder that even tough I love what Ziva has brought to the show, Kate was the one that made it all work for me in the beginning.

"A man walks into a bar, asks for a glass of water. The bar tender take out a shot gun and fires it at the man just missing him. The man says 'Thank You' puts a tip on the counter and walks out of the bar, why?" Can you figure out this riddle. It took Gibbs 5 seconds...


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