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Two words I love to quote

February 15, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
I am addicted to TV. I have been for quite awhile now. I have watched a plethora different shows since I can remember. My communication changes depending on what TV show I am watching. I pick up catch phrases/words and find ways to quote my favorite characters in everyday conversation. Some people probably don’t even know I’m quoting something I heard on TV and often times it’s out of my mouth before I realize it.

My sister and I can go back and forth for awhile. Our favorite show to quote right now is Big Bang Theory. Trish and I have found lots of uses for a good Sheldon quote. On cold evenings, I would spout out “That is a bracing cold, an invigorating cold. Lord, is it cold!” despite my brother’s eye rolling. (Sheldon says that when he moves to Montana in a hasty decision after his apartment in Pasadena was broken into last season.)

But I can’t always quote Sheldon. There are two words that I use constantly that have way different connotations than they used to because of two different TV shows that I watch.

The first is “Seriously.” A little more than six years ago, before I had seen my first episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, I would use this word and not really think about it. But it seems my usage of the word picked up since getting hooked on Grey’s. Those familiar with the show know that this is a word that was/is used a lot throughout the show’s history as a reaction to just about anything. “Seriously” has now integrated itself into my vocabulary that I have stopped noticing that I use it, a lot.

Only recently did I start to take note of it again, and that has everything to do with a new one word phrase that has taken on a brand new meaning, “Awesome!”

This comes from NBC’s Chuck. Shocking, I know, that something I do is derived from Chuck (that’s sarcasm in case you don’t know, I blog about Chuck a lot). I used awesome a lot in the past. It’s a very useful adjective, but because of Chuck, I now think of “Captain Awesome” every time I say it. Captain Awesome is Chuck’s brother-in-law Devon who is a really awesome guy (I couldn’t resist). To quote Chuck, “Everything he does is awesome — rock climbing, jumping out of planes ... flossing.”

The word “awesome” gets used a lot in the show, and I find myself describing everything as awesome (unless it’s not in which case you can substitute “not awesome” in its place, but that’s going a bit to far, I think). I may not have increased my usage, but it sure feels like it. Every time I use the word now, whether its an automatic response or not, it reminds me of Chuck. I can't help myself. It’s now they first thing that comes out of my mouth when something I like happens.

This is something I’ve been doing for year, and it’s not just television I quote. I can quote movies, songs, plays, etc. I can bring in some quote from a movie I haven’t seen in eight years, but it works for the context. I honestly don’t know how I remember all of it, I just do. Seriously! This may not be a great thing to admit to, but I think it’s kinda awesome!


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