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Monday is a great night of TV

February 22, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
Allow me to gush a bit about my Monday night programs. I watch Castle and Chuck. You may have read a blog or two of mine that have highlighted certain episodes and concepts from the shows before. These two shows are the reasons my Mondays are bearable. This past Monday was no exception. Chuck had some very funny moments and Castle had one of the most intense episodes in the show's history.

The evening kicks off with Chuck at 7 p.m. Monday’s episode was titled “Chuck vs. the Masquerade.” As the title suggests, Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan all go on a mission at a masquerade ball, but that is not the focus of the episode. There were lots of “set-upping” going on in this episode. First, the introduction of Vivan McArthur, who turns out to be Alexi Volcoff’s daughter (He is season four’s villian). This opens up a lot of avenues for the remainder of the year. While Vivan grew up with no knowledge of her father’s criminal activities, there is some doubt placed in the viewers' minds on what path she will chose, good or evil.

The “third wheels” were addressed in this episode. Chuck and Sarah have transformed into a super-spy couple who now happen to be engaged. On a professional level, Casey is the third wheel as Chuck is now self-sufficient on missions leaving less and less for Casey to do. Without giving anything away, let’s just say Casey received another pitch in the episode that he may not be able to turn down.

Morgan is the third wheel in the "real world." He shares an apartment with Chuck and Sarah and while they haven't shown very many hiccups on screen, there are bound to be some for an unrelated guy sharing a house with an engaged couple. Throughout some very funny scenes, Morgan finally realizes that he is more like Chuck and Sarah's kid than a roommate and decides it's time to grow-up and move out. This allows for some great Chuck and Morgan moments. The two have a very close bond being best friends for their whole lives.

So the episode was entertaining by itself but it certainly set up storylines to come for the rest of the eight episodes of season four.

Now on to the more intense episode of the evening. Castle always delivers every week. They find unique storylines and add a great spin on them with the creative writer in the NYPD squad. Monday's Castle, "Setup" kicked off an intense two-parter involving a terrorist threat and a BA nuclear bomb somewhere in New York that they have to find.

A hardcore homeland security agent comes to the precinct and takes over the investigation. Beckett's team is still doing most of the leg work for the case but Agent Fallon is running the show. He didn't Castle, a civilian, on the case but a threat to call the governor stopped that. Throughout the episode, you got to see just how far Fallon would go to find the nuke, even crossing some lines Beckett wouldn't. That stirs some bad feelings and forces Castle and Beckett pursue other leads on their own.

What the intensity of the episode really brought out was the caring relationships of the show. Castle and Beckett have the classic "will they, won't they" romance going on. Over than past two and half seasons, they have dangled the bait and knew exactly when to take it away. In this episode the writers included several moments where you thought that Castle was about to finally admit his feelings for Beckett, and then they were interrupted. The cliff-hanger set-up more of these moments.

Next week's episode looks to be just as intense as this week's. I can't wait for the exciting conclusion.

I still can't believe how quickly I want Monday to get here!! Words I never thought I would say!


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