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Work to keep intimacy alive marriage

January 29, 2015 Q: My fiance and I can't to wait begin our new lives together. I'll confess, though, that I'm afraid this excitement will wane into routine and familiarity -- particularly with our sex life. more »»

Abortion protesters don’t count?

January 29, 2015 Hundreds of thousands of protesters descend on Washington every January to “March for Life,” protesting the horror of more than a million abortions in America every year. more »»

Say it ain’t so

January 29, 2015 What should sports fans do when our heroes turn out to be frauds? Maybe you grew up watching Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire breaking home run records, as I did, only to find out that they (and just... more »»

Getting down to business in Des Moines

January 29, 2015 The formalities that mark the first week have given way to committee meetings. Bills are getting filed and assigned to committees and subcommittees. We’ve gotten down to business. more »»

The role of the school nurse

January 28, 2015 Just as society has become more complex, so has the role of the school nurse. Many of today’s students require nursing interventions for a variety of physical, social and emotional problem. more »»

Are today’s Millennials a new victorian generation?

January 28, 2015 Public policymakers and political pundits tend to focus on problems — understandably, because if things are going right they aren’t thought to need attention. more »»

Unraveling the myths of community college

January 28, 2015 Months before Caitlin Johnson graduated from high school, she opened Ohio State University’s early-decision letter and felt the doors open wide. more »»

Kids movies are for everyone, even old people like me

January 28, 2015 If it were not for my granddaughters I would never have watched some of my favorite movies. more »»

Best toys for kids ages 3 to 7

January 27, 2015 I saw the most amazing thing recently. more »»

Boehner’s dangerous gamble

January 26, 2015 Bipartisanship, that widely admired virtue so sadly rare in our nation’s politics, has been — since 1948, when President Harry Truman, rejecting the counsel of his own Cabinet secretaries, recognize... more »»

Making changes

January 26, 2015 Dear Dave, My mom and dad always told me to live below my means, but they never showed me how to make it happen. I’ve gotten out of debt and fallen back in several times. more »»

The last word

January 25, 2015 What defines a community? Is it the downtown? Its schools? What about its amenities — parks, trail system, aquatic center and other attractions? What about quality of life issues? Shopping and dinin... more »»

One of the publisher’s favorite recipes

January 25, 2015 Times-Republican Publisher Michael Schlesinger gave me his wife’s recipe for chicken and wild rice soup. Michael claims it is also good if made with turkey instead of chicken. more »»

A 'conversation' with Senator Joni Ernst

January 25, 2015 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; polish off the last loaf of pumpernickel, strap on your new “bread bag” shoes and hustle down the mud road to meet Iowa’s latest ambassador to the rest of the... more »»

For sale: The toaster house

January 25, 2015 Trying to sell your house is a delightful weight-loss diet. more »»

Everything’s cheaper!

January 24, 2015 Falling commodities prices, foreign currency values, and interest rates combined to make life less expensive for Americans this week. more »»

Early presidential prospects

January 24, 2015 With 2015 just getting under way, the buzz of political activity makes it seem almost as if we are already in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign. more »»

Google Glass joins the failure hall of fame

January 24, 2015 Google Glass has entered the annals of spectacular product failures. Many bright ideas have foundered on the shoals of consumer rejection. more »»

The joys of being a grandparent

January 22, 2015 Over the years, I always felt quite fortunate; while I was at work my parents would watch my kids 2-3 days a week; something I probably took for granted but very much appreciated! It saved me a lot... more »»

The Golden Globes of propaganda

January 22, 2015 When the Golden Globe awards telecast was over, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation proclaimed, “It was a great night for LGBT-inclusive television. more »»



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