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The slaughter of the spring Peeps

April 20, 2014 We waste a lot of food in this country. more »»

Praise Jesus for big kitchens

April 20, 2014 The first year I hosted Easter dinner, I was excited. I like entertaining and cooking for people, mostly because that the only thing I usually have to interact, with, socially, is a turkey. more »»

Help available for family through a difficult time

April 19, 2014 Dear Mary: I have been a fan for more than 15 years. Thanks to following your advice over the years, we have paid off our house, and we are currently two car loans from being completely debt-free. more »»

Please pay attention to me!

April 17, 2014 Almost every year I try to do an article related to parents paying attention to their young children; and how important it is for their developmen. more »»

New Youth Career Connections network established

April 16, 2014 Sometimes the things that make the most sense are never realized. And then again, sometimes they are. more »»

One hour a week can make Marshalltown better

April 15, 2014 The crowd gathered at MHS Auditorium last Saturday to honor Marshalltown’s own Carlos Portes was inspired in more ways than just hearing about his amazing life story. more »»

I’ve become a human napkin

April 15, 2014 Hi, my name is Andrew and I’ve become a human napkin and I have a 2-year-old to blame for that. more »»

The torturous travails of a troubadour

April 13, 2014 It’s tough being a musician; I?should know. Not from my own experiences mind you. I may be the only person who’s off-key renditions have gotten me kicked out of my own shower. more »»

Kelly the ‘high profile’ director

April 13, 2014 Not long ago, in a horrible lapse of judgment, I was charged with being director for a series of “high profile” movies, or at least that’s what I tell all the waitresses at Starbucks. more »»

Signs you might be a shopaholic

April 12, 2014 You can own 85 pairs of shoes and 100 DVD's and not suffer from shopaholism. more »»

Stepdad’s discipline getting in the way of family bonding

April 10, 2014 Q: What's the best way for a stepparent to form strong bonds with a stepchild? I recently married a wonderful man. He's kind, but firm with my three children and plans to adopt them. more »»

Empowering teacher leaders to increase student achievement

April 9, 2014 Last month the Iowa Department of Education named Marshalltown Community School District one of 39 in the state to be part of the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System for 2014-2015. more »»

This food has real curbside appeal

April 8, 2014 In my job I’m often walking around downtown Marshalltown several times during the day — no I’m not a street walker. One of the things I tend to notice at times is how much discarded food can be found. more »»

A nog for all seasons

April 6, 2014 I’m really enjoying Lent this year. I think not being Catholic helps. more »»

The progression of the man-cold

April 6, 2014 Unlike the common cold, the Man Cold can be tricky to overcome. I weakened my immune system to see how I would fare and kept a journal of the ordeal. more »»

Celebrate Earth Day with color

April 6, 2014 With Earth Day just around the corner here is a colorful art project to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of gift called nature we all have been blessed with! What you will need • Finger paints ... more »»

Where to keep money for Mom?

April 5, 2014 Dear Mary: My sisters and I have $10,000 we would like to invest to cover our mother's funeral expenses when they occur. She does not have life insurance or any savings. more »»

Coupon calculations

April 4, 2014 Dear Readers: Who doesn't love saving money with COUPONS? They can be a great way to help reduce your grocery bills, but sometimes it can cost more to use coupons. more »»

April is child abuse prevention month!

April 3, 2014 Did you know that a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds? And did you also know that four children die every day due to child abuse and 70 percent of them are under the age of 4? Since... more »»

Looking for resources to help with your student’s learning?

April 2, 2014 Does your child need information for a school assignment, or even a personal interest? Students in grades K-12 at all Iowa accredited schools have access to 14 helpful online resources provided by... more »»



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