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A child’s lesson in freedom

July 13, 2014 My 3-year-old daughter does not understand the nuances of America’s Independence Day, which really isn’t that hard. more »»

Making cuts for the military

July 11, 2014 Dear Readers: A recent column about COUPON HINTS brought in a bunch of comments and suggestions. more »»

Keeping very young children safe from the heat

July 10, 2014 As many of you know, the heat in Iowa can at times be unbearable! Especially for very young children; and dangerous! Here are some tips to keep your little one safe from the heat on those very warm... more »»

This weather is something nuts

July 8, 2014 I was jogging last Wednesday night with the cool air of 50-some degrees wearing a long sleeve shirt and thought to myself — “What a nice October night.” The problem was is that it was July 2. more »»

The Food Network might be a little racist

July 6, 2014 I watch a lot of Food Network. A lot. I’m not some kind of gourmand. I’m not Youtubing old episodes of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” to learn the proper way to cook a porterhouse steak. more »»

I should’ve stayed with old Jim

July 6, 2014 OK. I’ll admit it. I visited a gym when I was still enrolled in a different one, so I’m pretty much the “bad boy” your parents warned you to stay away from. more »»

Personalize summer projects with foot prints

July 6, 2014 Summer is usually everyone’s favorite time of the year. Days by the pool, trips to the beach, leisure vacations and picnics with friends and family are on everyone’s to do list. more »»

Bank on these checks

July 4, 2014 Dear Heloise: I realize that more and more people pay bills online, but I still like writing checks for most things. more »»

In-laws must stay out of kids’ marital squabbles

July 3, 2014 Q: Should I step in to help if I feel my son-in-law isn't caring properly for my daughter and grandchildren? He constantly neglects to put oil in their car -- which leaks like a sieve -- so I do it. more »»

Potty training not for faint of heart

July 1, 2014 It’s full throttle potty training for the 2-year-old in our household this summer — and let me tell you the stories emerging from it have been plentiful. more »»

It’s time to give up on yesterday’s future

June 29, 2014 With all the fanfare normally reserved for dictators rolling into a vanquished capitol, Google held its annual developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. more »»

Art on minimal effort

June 29, 2014 The highlight of my artistic career consisted of an attempt at a clay vase that ended up looking like an old man’s face covered in gumbo. more »»

Careful! The kids are watching

June 28, 2014 If you speak English in your home, your kids are not likely to come out speaking Italian. Kids learn everything through observation and imitation. And they don't miss a thing. more »»

A bag for buttons and pills

June 27, 2014 Dear Heloise: I found a great use for the tiny, zippered plastic BAGS that hold an extra button and come with new articles of clothing. more »»

Essential skills for well-rounded kids

June 26, 2014 In my last article I talked about what author Ellen Galinsky felt were essential life skills for children. more »»

From hotel stays to cookie capers

June 24, 2014 It’s about time I piece together some of my random thoughts on paper, mostly because I want to get them out of my head and move on. — This month at my house it has been the Potter Hotel. more »»

Quick and easy strawberry pie

June 22, 2014 I really like strawberry pie – you know the kind that has a sugar laden glaze pour over a mountain of strawberries in a pie shell. I have two for you – one with sugar and one without. more »»

Turn your junk to cash in a weekend

June 21, 2014 The Wall Street Journal has estimated the annual yield from garage sales to be around $2 billion. more »»

Cut college costs by the book

June 20, 2014 Dear Heloise: I am a college student, and I am always looking for ways to cut expenses. Instead of buying my COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS, I rent the. more »»



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