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New Year’s irresolution

January 17, 2015 President Barack Obama’s absence from the great gathering in Paris of national leaders from other countries, to show their solidarity with France in its opposition to Islamic terrorists, was another... more »»

Gilded youth and their pain

January 17, 2015 A Hollywood-handsome Princeton grad recently shot his hedge-fund-founder father to death. The alleged reason: Thomas Gilbert Sr.’s plan to cut his allowance by $200 a month. more »»

Noticeable numbers needed

January 16, 2015 Dear Heloise: Will you please advise people to put their HOUSE NUMBER on the front of their house so that it can be seen from the road? This is a must for the fire department, police and emergency... more »»

The Keystone catechism

January 16, 2015 WASHINGTON — Not since the multiplication of the loaves and fishes near the Sea of Galilee has there been creativity as miraculous as that of the Keystone XL pipeline. more »»

AWOL in Paris: What was Obama thinking?

January 16, 2015 WASHINGTON — One song President Obama probably isn’t singing to himself right now is “The Last Time I Saw Paris. more »»

Random thinking — a dangerous concept

January 16, 2015 Do we really need a weather report every five minutes? I can understand continuous severe storm coverage, even if it overrides regular programming, but to rehash the same forecast and repeat the sam... more »»

Acknowledging addiction a painful first step to recovery

January 15, 2015 Question: I've had a problem with alcohol for years, and now it's severely impacting my family and even my work. I doubt that I'll be able to stop drinking without professional assistance. more »»

In denial about the attack in France

January 15, 2015 When America was hit on 9/11, the world united around us. France just had its 9/11, and again the civilized world has come together, all except the United States. more »»

Building a more inclusive world

January 15, 2015 While the rest of America was preparing to bid farewell to the least productive Congress in history, people with disabilities and their loved ones celebrated a rare victory when Congress passed the... more »»

Is it OK that students with disabilities achieve at lower levels?

January 14, 2015 Helping all students experience success in schools is the mission of educators everywher. more »»

Can Jeb Bush come up with a platform for primaries, general and Presidency?

January 14, 2015 There are likely to be many surprises in a race for the Republican presidential nomination that has something like 20 plausible potential candidates. more »»


January 14, 2015 This terrible thing happened. Three hooded men armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles seized a magazine newsroom in Paris and murdered many of the journalists meeting there. more »»

A Muslim cartoonist draws lessons from the Charlie Hebdo massacre

January 14, 2015 As a political cartoonist who happens to be both American and Muslim, I often find myself at the intersection of media curiosity: Muslim, with all the stereotypical notions attached to that, but als... more »»

Sixteen gifts college students want

January 13, 2015 A college student gift doesn’t have to be complicated, whether it’s for a birthday, graduation or a special occasion. It just needs to be relevant and thoughtful. more »»

Sharing and planning as one

January 12, 2015 Dear Dave, How do I get my girlfriend to take a more active role in planning a family budget? We’re getting married in a few months, and everything between us is great except for this one area. more »»

Sharing and planning as one

January 12, 2015 DES MOINES — Gov. Terry Branstad is kicking off his sixth term with a limited list of goals, most notably increasing roads funding, but so far without any major legacy project on the horizon. more »»

Let the games begin

January 11, 2015 Iowa and central Iowa will be flooded with Democratic and Republican presidential aspirants one year from now. Which means the Iowa Caucuses will soon be upon us. more »»

Eruption leaves a lasting mark

January 11, 2015 I suppose it was only a matter of time before it happened. I couldn’t go my whole life unscathed. Untraumatized. It would’ve been too much to ask. So it happened. At age 34. more »»

Soup anyone?

January 11, 2015 This is a good time to make and eat soup. I also included an easy stew recipe. Basic Cream Soup 2 chicken bullion cubes 2 c. water 2 c. milk 2 c. more »»

Time capsule OR just a box of garbage?

January 11, 2015 When I was in elementary school my class gathered a bunch of artifacts demonstrating life in the 1980s (I?don’t remember what artifacts, exactly, but I’m fairly certain at least 50 percent of the... more »»



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