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Bad week in corn and beans

July 23, 2016 Farmers and traders were anxious about the “heat dome” that hit the Midwest earlier this week. Both crops are at a critical stage, and high temperatures now can drastically reduce crop yields. more »»

The dumbest idea

July 23, 2016 If there were a contest for the most stupid idea in politics, my choice would be the assumption that people would be evenly or randomly distributed in incomes, institutions, occupations or awards, i... more »»

Cure to some VA waits creates new ills

July 23, 2016 We who oppose calls to privatize the work of the Veterans Affairs Department are sorely tested at times. more »»

The epiphany of John

July 22, 2016 Dear Heloise: I have written to you periodically, and never once had any of my brilliant letters published. It seems you have something against us guys. more »»

A wall too high for the GOP?

July 22, 2016 WASHINGTON — Political conventions are echo chambers designed to generate feelings of invincibility, sending forth the party faithful with a spring in their steps and hope in their hearts. more »»

Republican convention a showcase of rancor, poor taste

July 22, 2016 WASHINGTON — The Republican National Convention that opened Monday in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump for president had the usual hoopla. more »»

‘Fact-Checkers’ vs. the Benghazi Mom

July 21, 2016 When FBI Director James Comey came before the press to deliver his bizarre proclamation — that Hillary Clinton had lied relentlessly about her private email server but shouldn’t be prosecuted becaus... more »»

Will Trump’s campaign prevail over Clinton’s standard tactics?

July 21, 2016 Donald Trump postponed the announcement of his vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, because of the terrorist attack in Nice, which was in line with the modus operandi of his campaign. more »»

Cause and effect

July 21, 2016 In 1926, speaking about the Declaration of Independence on its 150th anniversary, President Calvin Coolidge noted the unique philosophy behind the creation of the United States: “We cannot continue... more »»

Washing the uniform for years to come

July 20, 2016 This morning I woke up as my husband was getting ready to head into work. Today is his normal day off, yet he is going in to work some overtime and to lead the range training for the other officers. more »»

People should not play Pokemon at Auschwitz

July 19, 2016 Here’s something I never thought I’d have to say. People should not play Pokemon at Auschwitz. Nor at the Sept. more »»

The Grand Sez Who Arrives

July 19, 2016 The President of the United States went to the memorial service for the Dallas police officers gunned down while protecting and servin. more »»

Who Gave Us Justice Ginsburg?

July 18, 2016 “Her mind is shot.” That was the crisp diagnosis of Donald Trump on hearing the opinion of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the possibility he might become president. more »»

Steppingstone to Oblivion

July 18, 2016 The first very first ‘’presidential’’ test in public for every nominee for the White House is the selection of a vice presidential running mate. more »»

Clinton and Trump aren’t changing

July 18, 2016 If you love Hillary Clinton just the way she is, you’re in luck. If you adore Donald Trump and don’t want to ever see him change, congrats. more »»

Legally obligated to talk about Pokemon

July 17, 2016 Pursuant to the “Mandatory Media Coverage of Pop Culture, Digital Ephemera and Innovations in the Production & Application of Concrete Act” passed by Congress in 2010 I am hereby required to use... more »»

An open letter to the stealth ninja driver

July 17, 2016 Dear driver of the 1996 Plymouth Voyager minivan zooming around with his lights turned off at the dead of night rendering your dark-colored family vehicle a nearly invisible motorized death machine,... more »»

Homemade dressings sure to delight

July 17, 2016 Summer is a great time for salads, so today I have some homemade dressings. They are good on veggie or pasta salads. Just put the ingredients in a bowl, whisk and pour over salad. more »»

Pork commodities taking a downturn

July 16, 2016 Bargain Barbecue Pork prices are dropping due to record pork and poultry production this year, bringing backyard barbecues to the cheapest level of the summer. more »»

The war on cops: Part II

July 16, 2016 Even in this age of runaway emotions, there are still some people who want to know the facts. more »»



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