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The travesty of teacher tenure

July 15, 2016 LOS ANGELES — The mills of justice grind slowly, but life plunges on, leaving lives blighted when justice, by being delayed, is irremediably denie. more »»

The tough sell on remaking Trump

July 15, 2016 WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s new strategist, Paul Manafort, is trying to soften his candidate’s harsh image, but recent events in cities across the country are making that exceedingly difficult: the... more »»

Third time not the charm

July 15, 2016 When James Comey announced his decision not to recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for the misuse of classified information, it was not his first investigation of Clinton that ended without... more »»

Allow son to make his own mistakes

July 14, 2016 Q: Despite our best parenting efforts, our adult son has developed a talent for making dumb decisions and behaving irresponsibly. more »»

Absolving Black Lives Matter in Dallas

July 14, 2016 When white racist Dylann Roof allegedly shot and killed nine people in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, it was very easy for President Obama and his media enablers to paint with a broad... more »»

May and Trump: A replay of Thatcher and Reagan?

July 14, 2016 Is Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher reincarnated? There are similarities. May is certainly as tough as the Iron Lady. more »»

Will the national conventions change the delegate selection rules — again?

July 13, 2016 When the Republican and Democratic national conventions gather in successive weeks in Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively, one item on their plates will be reconsideration of their parties’... more »»

Comey: A theory

July 13, 2016 WASHINGTON — Why did he do it? FBI director James Comey spent 14 minutes laying out an unassailable case for prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified material. more »»

Disqualifying in a Sane World

July 12, 2016 HILLARY CLINTON: I opted for convenience to use my personal email account, which was allowed by the State Department, because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and fo... more »»

America has gone bad and there’s no place to hide

July 12, 2016 “What sort of people are we, we Americans? ... Today, we are the most frightening people on this plane. more »»

Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?

July 11, 2016 Does Hillary Clinton possess the integrity and honesty to be president of the United States? Or are those quaint and irrelevant considerations in electing a head of state in 21st-century America?... more »»

The Campaign Post-Comey

July 11, 2016 Even though Democrat Hillary Clinton continues to lead Republican Donald Trump in nearly all major public polls, the answer to one question in the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll had t... more »»

Why Don’t Politicians Tell the Truth About Social Security?

July 11, 2016 The boards of trustees of our Social Security and Medicare programs just issued their annual report, and we learn, once again, that both programs are fiscally insolvent. more »»

These recipes are easy peasy

July 10, 2016 As the song says “Summer time and the living is easy” and so are these recipes — easy. Taco Spaghetti Casserole 1 lb. extra lean ground beef 1 pkg. (1.5 oz. more »»

So you’ve decided to lose power

July 10, 2016 Congratulations! You've taken the first step into the new and exciting world of wondering just how long yogurt will keep in a powerless fridge. more »»

Why not take a test ride with me?

July 10, 2016 One of life’s little pleasures is test driving new vehicles. Someone you’ve never met gives you the keys to a brand new car and lets you just drive it around for an unspecified amount of time. more »»

Just love each other

July 9, 2016 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. more »»

Finding unity in a divided country

July 9, 2016 Why? We are slipping into a dark period for our society. This is NOT the first time that this has occurred. And, just as we have in the past, we will recover. more »»

Gasoline market gutted

July 9, 2016 As Americans enjoyed the Independence Day holiday last weekend, they likely noticed lower gasoline prices as they fueled up their cars and boats. U.. more »»

Sell it safely

July 8, 2016 Dear Readers: Years ago, when people had STUFF TO GET RID OF, they either gave it away or had garage sales. While both still are options, selling over the internet is becoming increasingly popular. more »»



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