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Digital conversion in Marshalltown schools

January 7, 2015 The digital conversion has been a major shift in education in Marshalltown. There is new learning occurring with both teachers and students alik. more »»

Family fragmentation: Can anything be done?

January 7, 2015 How big a problem is family fragmentation? “Immense,” says Mitch Pearlstein, head of the Minnesota think tank Center of the American Experiment. “The biggest domestic problem facing this countr. more »»

Basketball’s one-and-done dilemma

January 7, 2015 It’s been nine years since the last high schooler was selected in the NBA draft. That’s because back in 2005, the NBA raised the minimum age for eligibility to 19. more »»

Doubling down on dictatorship in the Middle East

January 7, 2015 For a moment, four years ago, it seemed that dictators in the Middle East would soon be a thing of the past. more »»

The case of the stinky coffeemaker

January 6, 2015 Got a resistant odor in your kitchen that you just can’t identify? Or locate the source? Hmmmm. more »»

Don’t drop the coverage!

January 5, 2015 Dear Dave, My husband and I are debt-free except for our home, and we have about $100,000 in savings. Recently, one of our daughters was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. more »»

Pizza for the new year

January 4, 2015 Since I am aged to perfection, I have decided not to make any New Year’s resolutions this year. As a result, I am starting the year off right and eating pizza. Pyrex Pizza 2 c. Bisquick 1/2 tsp. more »»

Stolen vehicle leads to four arrests

January 4, 2015 On Saturday, January 3, at 12:34 a.m. more »»

The year 2014, in 790 words or less

January 4, 2015 You know what time it is! Somebody play the theme music because it’s time for the Old Cold and the New Hotness of 2015, y’all! In case you’re wondering, the theme song is “Family Affair” by Mary J... more »»

I swear these are all doable this year

January 4, 2015 Each year I like to make what I believe are attainable New Year’s resolutions in order to better myself and I’ve been told that’s how it works (you’re apparently NOT supposed to make resolutions for... more »»

Market drivers in 2015

January 3, 2015 As traders and investors returned to work after the New Year’s holiday, they began pondering the big questions for 2015. more »»

A year of anniversaries

January 3, 2015 2014 has been a year of anniversarie. more »»

Behold, the Magic Kingdom of Dynamic Scoring

January 3, 2015 While most citizens were distracted by the holidays, the enlarged Republican majority in Congress was laying golden pavers for its magical kingdom -- a fabulous place where taxes are cut, military... more »»

Flying collars get bent out of shape

January 2, 2015 Dear Heloise: My husband is a pilot, so his clothing spends a lot of time traveling in a SUITCASE. The collars on his shirts are always getting bent out of shape, despite careful packing. more »»

A strike against rent-seeking

January 2, 2015 WASHINGTON — Mighty oaks from little acorns grow, so last year’s most encouraging development in governance might have occurred in February in a U.S. District Court in Frankfort, Ky. more »»

Afghan War is over, except that it’s not

January 2, 2015 WASHINGTON — In a ceremony in Kabul Sunday, the U.S. more »»

The Visa Curse

January 2, 2015 Many American women are still told they have to choose between love and career. But for many immigrants, that outdated dilemma is legally enforced. more »»

Consider improving your character for this New Year

January 1, 2015 Q: What are your feelings about New Year's resolutions? Do you make them, and if so, what are some of them? Jim: It's hard to believe we've already arrived at this time of year when we typically... more »»

NPR’s morning cuddle with Obama

January 1, 2015 In the fall of 2007, President Bush offered an interview on race relations to National Public Radio correspondent Juan Williams, but NPR declined the invitation. more »»

Torture doesn’t save lives, it costs them

January 1, 2015 Thanks to the Senate’s report on CIA torture, Americans should now realize that there was nothing “enhanced” about the Bush administration’s so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques. more »»



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