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My Oktemberfest top 5

September 23, 2014 Just like summer went away in a poof, fall is now here and Oktemberfest is coming up quick — like later this week. more »»

Slinging mud

September 21, 2014 We’ve all seen the campaign advertisements that saturate our television screens — one candidate after the other, espousing the virtues of their campaign while at the same time ripping apart their... more »»

I hate that Toaster Strudel kid

September 21, 2014 You heard me, I hate hi. more »»

Comfort food for the fall

September 21, 2014 As far as I’m concerned, the following recipes have “comfort” written all over them. Sweet Corn Salad 1 pkg. more »»

Cocoa heats up on Ebola threat

September 20, 2014 Although most commodities markets fell this week, cocoa rallied sharply on fears that the Ebola epidemic could hamper production in West Africa. more »»

A walk in their shoes

September 20, 2014 Editor’s Note: This guest editorial originally appeared in “The Hill.” I’m a CEO with a GED, and I have walked in the shoes of a minimum wage worker. more »»

Late-talking children

September 20, 2014 Anyone who knows what anxiety, and sometimes anguish, parents go through when they have a child who is still not talking at age two, three or even four, can appreciate what a blessing it can be to... more »»

A rough month in America for women

September 20, 2014 Mark Sanford's heralded engagement to Maria Belen Chapur is apparently over. The rep from South Carolina released the news to America through a Facebook post. That's how Chapur found out, too. more »»

Obama needs Congress to approve this war

September 19, 2014 WASHINGTON -- The United States last declared war many wars ago, on June 5, 1942, when, to clarify legal ambiguities during a world conflagration, it declared war on Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. more »»

Hillary and the Iowa steak fry

September 19, 2014 WASHINGTON -- Democrats from around the country, and political chroniclers as well, again flocked to Iowa last weekend for retiring Se. more »»

A ‘grate’ cleaning solution

September 19, 2014 Dear Heloise: Can you please tell me an easy way to CLEAN THE GRATES on my gas stove? No matter what I do, they still turn black from all the cooking grease and grime. -- Diane T. more »»

Fun family activities to do indoors

September 18, 2014 Though it’s too soon, the weather is starting to get a little cooler again and your children may need to be indoors a little more. more »»

Obama is Carter, not Reagan

September 18, 2014 The late Lloyd Bentsen is sorely needed when President Barack Obama tries to compare himself to Ronald Reagan. Mr. President, you're no Ronald Reagan. more »»

Restoring Government by the People, for the People

September 18, 2014 One of the many privileges of living in a democracy is the ability of each of us to have an equal say about how we are governed. more »»

Lifelong learners will love Creative Retirement

September 17, 2014 When a person reaches age 50, he or she is eligible for membership in AARP. At age 55 many people are opting for early retirement. more »»

Obama forced by events to reverse course --- and disillusion base

September 17, 2014 Iraq, immigration, inversion. more »»

We needed to see the ray rice video

September 17, 2014 Should we have seen the video of Ray Rice pummeling Janay Palmer Rice into unconsciousness? Unequivocally, I say yes. Before explaining why, I want to share Ms. Rice's objection to this coverage. more »»

Corn flakes splashed with iced tea

September 16, 2014 Maybe it’s just me but... Do you ever ... email a message to yourself, then get excited that you received a new email because you forgot you emailed yourself. more »»

NIOT's work continues

September 14, 2014 There’s a lot to be proud of in Marshalltown: A vibrant arts community, a spruced up downtown, excellent schools, a growing economic base and most importantly, a commitment toward treating each othe... more »»

Under scrutiny

September 14, 2014 The National Football League’s lawyers and public relations staff will be reeling in overtime pay and calling for the calvary. It will be necessary. more »»



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