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Roberts v. Willett

July 17, 2015 WASHINGTON -- Today's most interesting debate about governance concerns a 110-year-old Supreme Court decisio. more »»

Republicans must disinfect political process by disowning Trump

July 17, 2015 WASHINGTON -- What do you do with a problem like The Donald? Probably not since the U.S. more »»

Walmart’s use of tax havens hurts small businesses

July 17, 2015 Recent revelations that Walmart, the world’s biggest corporation, is maintaining secret subsidiaries in well-known offshore tax havens are outrageous but far from surprising to small business owner. more »»

Be wary of loaning money to friends or family members

July 16, 2015 Q: Do you think it's wise to have loans among family members -- for example, brother to brother, adult to child, parent to child, etc. more »»

Scott Walker and the other dummies

July 16, 2015 On the day Scott Walker would announce in Wisconsin that he was running for president, The New York Times offered a typical takedown on the front pag. more »»

Sharing security in the Information Age

July 16, 2015 I have a love-hate relationship with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. I love the convenience and level of service that traditional taxis don’t offer. more »»

The opposite of having the windmill pump spring water

July 16, 2015 Several years ago, I was in the Chrysler Motor Garage in a small southwest Iowa town. The mechanic was doing some brake work on an auto and placed the key in the ignition. more »»

Added sugar

July 15, 2015 All types of sugar, whether they’re natural or added to foods are used by the body in the same way. Naturally occurring sugar can be found in fruit and mil. more »»

Trump as a third party candidate

July 15, 2015 "My sole focus is to run as a Republican," Donald Trump told my Washington Examiner colleague Byron York last week, "because of the fact that I believe that this is the best way we can defeat the... more »»

Dear Texas: What are you afraid of now?

July 15, 2015 Well, there you go again, Texas, making me wish we still had your Molly Ivins around to make sense of yo. more »»

Ten lashes with a tire pressure gauge

July 14, 2015 Recently, I wrote about simple things you can do to slash the high cost of gas. more »»

Bill Cosby, public moralist, silenced

July 14, 2015 You might have missed the irony. If so, it would be easy to understand. more »»

They are troubled by trump

July 14, 2015 In 1980, the Republicans saw six members of Congress run for president. more »»

Unauthorized subletting

July 13, 2015 Dear Dave, I own a rental property that brings in enough to pay the taxes and insurance with a little left over. more »»

The personal touch

July 13, 2015 In the matter of selecting a 2016 presidential nominee, the Republican Party could go a lot farther and do a lot worse — and almost certainly will — than to choose U.S. more »»

A coming era of civil disobedience?

July 13, 2015 The Oklahoma Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, has ordered a monument of the Ten Commandments removed from the Capitol. more »»

How do you measure a year?

July 12, 2015 Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets In midnights, in cups of coffee In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife In fiv... more »»

Try this zucchini casserole

July 12, 2015 It’s zucchini season, so I have a recipe for a casserole that uses the vegetable that keeps growing and growing. I also have recipes for a “fake whipped cream” and homemade Shake and Bake. more »»

Wrestling with privacy in the digital age

July 12, 2015 People used to be able to keep a secret, you know? I'm sure a whole host of secrets were taken to the grave back in the days before Twitter, Instagram and Vaugebook. more »»

The great escape

July 12, 2015 Here’s the scene: You are surrounded by people you barely know, everything is confusing, you’re trying desperately to survive and, eventually, escape. more »»



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