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The sobering evidence of social science

July 8, 2016 WASHINGTON — The report was so “seismic” — Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s word — that Lyndon Johnson’s administration released it on the Fourth of July weekend, 1966, hoping it would not be noticed. more »»

Britain and Blair painfully revisit the invasion of Iraq

July 8, 2016 WASHINGTON — As if our British brethren aren’t experiencing enough angst over leaving the European Union, they’re now being confronted with looking back at their leaders’ decision 13 years ago to... more »»

Hillary Clinton: Too big to jail

July 8, 2016 On Monday America celebrated the 240th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which condemned King George III for “(obstructing) the Administration of Justice. more »»

The Left vs. free speech

July 7, 2016 It’s a paradox. The liberal media champion themselves as the most open-minded people on planet Earth who are devoted to the freedom of speech. more »»

Free pass for Hillary

July 7, 2016 FBI Director James Comey has given Hillary Clinton something better than a get out of jail free card. more »»

Picking up the pieces

July 7, 2016 I have to admit, I have some tough shoes to fill! Many of you were faithful readers of my predecessor, Sue Jung. more »»

Racial discrimination on campus likely to go on forever

July 6, 2016 “Affirmative action” will continue to be the routine course of business of college and university admissions for the foreseeable future. more »»

It’s Summer, the season for grandparents

July 6, 2016 Two summers ago, my then-6-year-old grandson propped himself on a comfy chair and clasped his hands behind his head to watch me make a spectacle of myself in our kitchen. more »»

Brexit: Sovereign kingdom or little England?

July 6, 2016 WASHINGTON — Given their arrogance, pomposity and habitual absurdities, it is hard not to feel a certain satisfaction with the comeuppance that Brexit has delivered to the unaccountable European... more »»

The Only Way to Stop Hillary Clinton

July 5, 2016 What is most probable in 2016 and more obvious each day is that with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. more »»

The wisdom of Mencken, Nock seems fresh today

July 5, 2016 Believing in my bones, as I do, that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unworthy and unqualified to be president of the United States has inspired me to do a lot of soul searching, and that... more »»

Democracy is too important to be left to the people.

July 5, 2016 That is the global elite’s collective reaction to Britain’s vote to exit the European Union, which is being portrayed as the work of ill-informed xenophobes who never should have been entrusted with... more »»

Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders

July 4, 2016 In Tuesday’s indictment of free trade as virtual economic treason, The Donald has really set the cat down among the pigeons. more »»

The ‘Death’ of the GOP

July 4, 2016 In 1986, some 34 years after he had first been elected to the U.S. more »»

A Disastrous Court Decision on Abortion

July 4, 2016 The Supreme Court’s decision, striking down the Texas abortion law signed by Governor Rick Perry in 2013, is but the latest example of the lost, confused, sick nation we have become. more »»

No more guilt trips!

July 4, 2016 Dear Dave, My parents left their six-figure jobs to enter the ministry when I was in high school. That was 10 years ago, and my mom still regularly asks me to share my money with them. more »»

‘I wonder if God will forgive me?’

July 3, 2016 “My mind replays it over and over; it jolts you every time.” “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see her face.” “No matter who pulls the trigger, no one wins in the end. more »»

Independence Day ideas

July 3, 2016 If you’re going to a picnic on July 4 or hosting a barbeque, I have some guest pleasing recipes to enjo. more »»

Institute for Justice was founded by Stalin

July 3, 2016 Editor’s note: This is from the Wes Burns’ collection, originally published May 1, 201. more »»

Playing the classic game ‘Head vs. crotch’

July 3, 2016 High school was a rough time. more »»



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