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MCC campus renovation is under way

January 22, 2014 While you may be more aware of the impending renovations to the historic Marshalltown High School Roundhouse, Marshalltown Community College is also preparing to embark on its own renovation projec. more »»

Weird freebies continue

January 21, 2014 I’ve just added another thing to the list of weird freebies we get sent to the office as part of being in the news business. I received a small box from the Iowa Lottery on Friday. more »»

Whatever happened to a thing called fairness?

January 18, 2014 In a recent decision in Federal court the FCC’s Open Internet rules were struck down following a lawsuit brought by Verizon. more »»

Myriad of uses for prescription bottles

January 18, 2014 Dear Mary, Do you know where I can donate empty plastic prescription bottles? It seems such a waste to throw them away. -- Susan H., Tenn. Dear Susan, Call your local veterinaria. more »»

A sight for sore eyes

January 18, 2014 Without glasses or contacts my vision has always ranged somewhere in the middle between a drunk frat guy and Mr. Magoo. more »»

Solving sweater storage

January 17, 2014 Dear Heloise: I have a question about the best way to STORE SWEATERS. I purchased some clear totes and thought of keeping them in those with some moth cake. more »»

Smiling over spilt milk

January 17, 2014 What do you get when have a dad home for lunch on a day off school, a couple of glasses of milk and two children, ages 5 and 2? Well, one day last week that added up to one big mess. more »»

Aggressive tot threatens families’ good friendship

January 16, 2014 Q: Our good friends have an aggressive preschooler who is always kicking, hitting and hurting our kids whenever we visit. He likes playing with them, but he's too physical. more »»

Ensuring the best literacy education in Marshalltown schools

January 15, 2014 Two years ago, Marshalltown Schools first partnered with the University of Northern Iowa’s Jacobson Center to implement exemplary literacy practice. more »»

The Insane Civil Liberties Posse

January 12, 2014 There is a scene in “The Blues Brothers” where the eponymous brothers Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues drive their Bluesmobile (a 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan capable of great things) through a gathering of... more »»

2014 New Year’s resolutions

January 12, 2014 There are so many things I neglected to do in 2013, however I’m confident with the right resolutions this time around 2014 will finally be the Year of Kelly. more »»

Miraculous solutions for two of life's little problems

January 11, 2014 Dear Mary: A red rag somehow managed its way into a load of what used to be white clothes. How can I get the pink tint out of the clothes and return them to bright white? --Anne P. more »»

Fight obesity and keep children active during winter

January 9, 2014 It’s really hard sometimes to figure out a way for your child to get all his “wiggles” out during the cold, windy months of winter but we still need to keep those little bodies active; for our sake... more »»

No one requested Carson Daly, or that camel

January 5, 2014 New year, new stories, new cold. Yeah, while you were off at some “party” or “event” I kicked off New Year’s 2014 in style. more »»

Reflections on carrying all kinds of cool

January 5, 2014 Recently, as I watched my two-year-old daughter attempt to put an unzipped backpack on upside down, it reminded me of how much cooler and “together” I was as a young person than she i. more »»

Scrabble art offers endless possibilities

January 5, 2014 Have you ever noticed that thinking of past no matter pleasant or unpleasant only brings regret and misery? The beautiful moments we lived in the past fill us with misery for not having them now and... more »»

Check cashing fees: Are they legal?

January 4, 2014 Dear Mary: A friend repaid a personal loan of $900 by giving me his personal check, drawn on Bank of America. I took it to a local branch. They charged me $6 to cash it. more »»

Splitting up is hard to do

January 3, 2014 Dear Heloise: When I moved three years ago, I discovered that many of my PHOTOGRAPHS were all smashed together and inseparable. more »»

Social media can break down marital bonds

January 2, 2014 Q: How can I tell if Facebook and social media are negatively impacting my marriage? I don't think this is the case at present, but I don't want to be taken by surprise either. more »»



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