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Hey, Hillary: Smile, girl

March 23, 2016 You know, the world would be a happier place if a girl would just smile more. Just ask the guys on Twitter. Now, by "girl," I mean a former U.. more »»

Sector strategies align programs with workforce needs

March 23, 2016 Iowa Valley Community College District recognizes the importance of bringing together community partners to identify and align programs and strategies to meet current workforce demands. more »»

Gov. Scott’s unwritten policy on climate change — don’t talk about it

March 22, 2016 Dear Florida Gov. Rick Scott: So it turns out the experts were mistaken. more »»

Arguing with data

March 22, 2016 For seven months, Republicans — myself included — have argued against the data. The data showed that Donald Trump would be a viable candidate. Many of us presumed he would eventually fad. more »»

Tricks to dissipate dirt and debris

March 22, 2016 DEAR MARY: I live in Florida and LOVE your blog. I look forward getting it in my inbox every day. My question is, what is the best tool, machine or method to clean tile? Thank you. more »»

No arguments

March 21, 2016 Dear Dave, My dad and I have been having arguments over real estate and money. My wife and I are 33, and we have a rental propert. more »»

Missing: any challenge for the common good

March 21, 2016 For the presidential campaign of 2016, the best estimate is that the candidates, their political action committees, the political parties and so-called ‘’independent’’ committees will raise and spen... more »»

The brilliance of these shining stars

March 20, 2016 Despite all the grousing and complaining about politics, the current state of the world and what the future might hold, I’m really not worried. more »»

Pop goes the recipes

March 20, 2016 Recently I was thinking about the popcorn balls my parents made. I have no idea what recipe, if any, they used but they always made them together. more »»

Baseball, apple pie and rabbits inside hats

March 20, 2016 Does anybody know what Congress did last year? Think about it for a second; we hear a lot of stories about Congress not doing anything except authorize themselves a few more vacation days and attemp... more »»

The rise of the fancy shoe man

March 20, 2016 Instead of surfing sports scores, lately I find myself browsing men’s shoe websites. It’s disconcerting and I admit it so I can find help. more »»

Are all commodities heading higher?

March 19, 2016 A massive run-up in several groups of raw materials has traders, speculators, and the producers of commodities wondering if our U.S. economy has finally turned the corner. more »»

Moderate-Centrist = Liberal

March 19, 2016 Whenever I hear the words “centrist” or “moderate,” especially when they come from The New York Times and The Washington Post, the words “liberal” and “cover-up” immediately come to mind. more »»

How the West was shunned in primary politics

March 19, 2016 There’s a not-insignificant part of the United States known as the West Coast. It includes such prominent states as California, Oregon and Washington. more »»

X-Ray extras

March 18, 2016 Dear Heloise: My wife broke her wrist. They took X-RAYS that were digital. I asked for copies, and they printed them out within minutes. No problem, and they did the work. — G.R. more »»

Rethinking crime and punishment

March 18, 2016 WASHINGTON — Sen. John Cornyn recalls visiting a Texas prison where some inmates taking shop classes could not read tape measures. more »»

The 2016 field narrows, on one side anyway

March 18, 2016 WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s Tuesday sweep of five Democratic primaries puts her more securely in the lead for her party’s presidential nominatio. more »»

Random thoughts

March 18, 2016 Psychological lesson for the day: Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards. I know you can make something good out of that. more »»

The tech savvy parent: What to post and what not to post

March 17, 2016 My how things have changed since I was young. The world of computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. were things we couldn’t even imagine. In fact, I can still remember when we got our first color TV. more »»

MSNBC turns intolerably white?

March 17, 2016 In the liberal lexicon, “backlash” is a word that only describes conservatives getting what’s coming to them. more »»



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