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Moderate-Centrist = Liberal

March 19, 2016 Whenever I hear the words “centrist” or “moderate,” especially when they come from The New York Times and The Washington Post, the words “liberal” and “cover-up” immediately come to mind. more »»

How the West was shunned in primary politics

March 19, 2016 There’s a not-insignificant part of the United States known as the West Coast. It includes such prominent states as California, Oregon and Washington. more »»

X-Ray extras

March 18, 2016 Dear Heloise: My wife broke her wrist. They took X-RAYS that were digital. I asked for copies, and they printed them out within minutes. No problem, and they did the work. — G.R. more »»

Rethinking crime and punishment

March 18, 2016 WASHINGTON — Sen. John Cornyn recalls visiting a Texas prison where some inmates taking shop classes could not read tape measures. more »»

The 2016 field narrows, on one side anyway

March 18, 2016 WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s Tuesday sweep of five Democratic primaries puts her more securely in the lead for her party’s presidential nominatio. more »»

Random thoughts

March 18, 2016 Psychological lesson for the day: Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards. I know you can make something good out of that. more »»

The tech savvy parent: What to post and what not to post

March 17, 2016 My how things have changed since I was young. The world of computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. were things we couldn’t even imagine. In fact, I can still remember when we got our first color TV. more »»

MSNBC turns intolerably white?

March 17, 2016 In the liberal lexicon, “backlash” is a word that only describes conservatives getting what’s coming to them. more »»

A curbside crisis

March 17, 2016 Do you cross the street to put your soda can in the recycling bin or avidly pluck plastics and paper from your neighbor’s trash cans? The current state of recycling in the United States may surprise... more »»

How starving our state’s education system is hurting us all

March 16, 2016 If you are not directly involved with budgeting for one of Iowa’s public schools or Area Education Agencies (AEAs), you might not fully grasp the crisis that our education system is really in. more »»

Will the politics of nostalgia trump the politics of the future?

March 16, 2016 The likely presidential nominee of the Republican Party and the certain (barring indictments) nominee of the Democratic Party have something in common, something more than residences in New York:... more »»

Such a curiosity, those white working-class voters

March 16, 2016 The headline: “Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump.” Immediately, I bristled. Here we go again. “Ordinary” Americans. We know what that’s supposed to mean. Plain people. more »»

More news from Des Moines

March 16, 2016 Week nine was another funnel week, a deadline for when our bills have to be through a committee in the other chamber to stay alive. more »»

Defeating Trump won’t erase the forces that made him possible

March 15, 2016 We should probably start thinking about what we’re going to do after Trump. more »»

Media malpractice 2016

March 15, 2016 One of the greatest challenges a human being can face is to find a “political strategist” on any cable news network who has actually worked for well-known politicians within the last four years — or... more »»

Prescription eyeglasses at bargain prices

March 15, 2016 Call me old; call me socially rigid. I’m not sure why, but I freaked out when I heard that banks and credit unions now allow account holders to deposit checks via smartphone and a simple snap. more »»

The Sea Island conspiracy

March 14, 2016 Over the long weekend before the Mississippi and Michigan primaries, the sky above Sea Island was black with corporate jets. more »»

A political year desperate for humor

March 14, 2016 Boy, do I miss Ronald Reagan’s robust sense of self-confidence, which enabled him to use self-deprecating humor to confound his political adversaries. more »»

The slaughter of the spring peeps, part 3

March 13, 2016 There is no greater regret I have as a writer than my failure to utilize these column inches to slow the brutalization of the American gastroscape at the hands of the Peep. more »»

The Tooth Fairy Cometh ... maybe

March 13, 2016 About the age of five or six, your child’s teeth decide they’re tired of behaving and begin acting out, a pattern that your child as a human person will likely follow. more »»



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