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Be a D.E.A.R. and read!

August 19, 2016 Dear Parents of Schoolchildren: Now that school is underway in most parts of the country, consider practicing D.E.A.R. time (DROP EVERYTHING AND READ) with children at home. more »»

All eyes on the Silver State

August 19, 2016 LAS VEGAS — Nevada, which calls itself the “Battle Born State,” actually was born prematurely because of Republicans’ anxiety. Now, 152 years later, it again is a subject of their anxiety. more »»

Unpopularity of presidential candidates harms both party brands

August 19, 2016 WASHINGTON — Much has been written of the damage Donald Trump has done to the Republican Party brand with his disruptive rhetoric and antics. more »»

Trump isn’t an easy decision

August 19, 2016 Serious acrimony has now broken out among conservatives regarding whether to vote for Donald Trump. As I’ve made clear, as of now I have no intention to vote for Trump. more »»

Please … and thank you!

August 18, 2016 Attend any event where children are present, and one will quickly learn that the idea of using manners is almost nonexistent. more »»

A valentine of investigative journalism

August 18, 2016 When the Washington Post puts its top investigative reporters on the beat of the distant youth of presidential candidates, there’s no telling what student scandal they might uncover. more »»

In praise of Paul Ryan

August 18, 2016 Voters in last week’s Republican primary in Wisconsin wisely supported House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a landslide, to continue to represent them in Congress. more »»

Will Trump take down Congressional Republicans?

August 17, 2016 On Friday, Republican National Committee and Trump campaign staffers held what one described as an “emergency meeting” at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. more »»

Trump speaks, children listen

August 17, 2016 Earlier this summer, I was walking through the Miami airport with my 8-year-old grandson when I looked around and noticed I suddenly wasn’t. more »»

What the past can teach us

August 17, 2016 While we shouldn’t live in the past, we can certainly learn from i. more »»

Surprising Ways to Use a Slow Cooker That Have Nothing to Do With Food

August 16, 2016 They’re bulky and take up precious cabinet space, but we’ll never get rid of our slow cookers. more »»

Racism pervades yet all are ‘innocent’

August 16, 2016 We will get to Baltimore in a moment. First, let’s talk about innocence. more »»

The Never Ending Politics of Truth

August 16, 2016 Truth is something that should not be disputed. Facts are facts and truth is truth. The sky appearing blue is a fact. Gravity is a fact. It is true that if you jump from a building you will fall. more »»

Yes, the System Is Rigged

August 15, 2016 “I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged,” Donald Trump told voters in Ohio and Sean Hannity on Fox News. And that hit a nerve. “Dangerous,” “toxic,” came the recoil from the media. more »»

Trump Likes Snub From Republican Elite

August 15, 2016 From on high they have spoken to us, we the people. The neocon foreign policy elite vigorously embraced and enforced President George W. more »»

Sharing our appreciation

August 14, 2016 “No gesture is too small when done with gratitude.” — Oprah Winfrey I hope you’ve had a chance to read today’s installment of our “Heroes Among Us” series. more »»

Sweet corn recipes

August 14, 2016 It’s been a bumper year for sweet corn — or so I’ve been told. So, enjoy it now or freeze it for later. Sweet Corn Off The Cob 20 c. fresh cut sweet corn 1/2 lb. butter, melted 1 . more »»

State Fair Food: Mostly bacon, some cheese

August 14, 2016 Once again the time has come for peoples from all over to gather in the spirit of friendly competition and determine just exactly who is the best of the best. more »»

Welcome to the Parent Olympics

August 14, 2016 With the 2016 Olympics in full swing in Rio, cameras routinely pan to proud parents of these world-class athletes. more »»

Corn and bean crops shatter records

August 13, 2016 The USDA shocked grain markets Friday with its newest outlook for the corn and soybeans crops that are getting ready to be harvested. more »»



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