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The problem with being impulsive

March 16, 2015 Dear Dave, I have a problem with impulse spending. I switched to a debit card so that the money comes straight out of my checking account, but I still buy things I know I shouldn’t. more »»

Does Iran really want a bomb?

March 16, 2015 America, we have a problem. In the blood-soaked chaotic Middle East, with few exceptions like the Kurds, our friends either can’t or won’t fight. The Free Syrian Army folded. The U.S. more »»

Wanted: An emotionally secure leader

March 16, 2015 The late Rep. more »»

A few random thoughts

March 15, 2015 If you’ve ever met state Rep. Mark Smith, you probably already know he’s a fairly level-headed, quiet, easy-going gu. more »»

Car shopping can be exhausting

March 15, 2015 Not long ago my wife decided she needed a new car because transportation is more important than buying food. One of her major reasons was that her current vehicle was “making annoying sound. more »»

Bird flu cripples U.S. exports

March 14, 2015 A fresh outbreak of H5N2 avian flu is hitting poultry producers in Missouri and Arkansas, sending shockwaves through the industry. more »»

The ‘disparate impact’ racket

March 14, 2015 The U.S. Department of Justice issued two reports last week, both growing out of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michael Brown. more »»

Cohabiting ... with children

March 14, 2015 I know a woman. Works like a dog. She’s a loving mother, raising a lovable boy. She’s also a good businesswoman, running a successful salon. more »»

Bi-partisan Senate supports access to mental health services

March 14, 2015 The state of Iowa needs to do more — not less — to ensure that all Iowans have access to mental health services. more »»

Sleeping on memories

March 13, 2015 Dear Heloise: My daughter saved my grandson’s T-SHIRTS from the sports teams he belonged to. When I had enough, I cut a big square out of the front and back, and sewed them together to make a pillo. more »»

The Export-Import Bank’s grip

March 13, 2015 WASHINGTON — Conservatives’ next disappointment will at least be a validation. more »»

50 years after Selma

March 13, 2015 WASHINGTON — Every once in a while, a historic event occurs that eloquently meets the needs of a contemporary national trial. more »»

Working Mom struggles to find time for herself

March 12, 2015 Q: I’m a working wife and mother with a preschooler and a couple of school-age kids who are also involved in lots of extracurricular activities. more »»

They come to bury conservatism

March 12, 2015 The media have developed a predictable and equally annoying habit every presidential election cycle. We hear the Republicans are going to be crushed by pandering too much to conservatives. more »»

A historic victory for Net Neutrality

March 12, 2015 In the 10 years I’ve spent fighting for Internet freedom as a leader of Free Press, I’ve stood outside the Federal Communications Commission with a megaphone more times than I can count. more »»

Mortgaging the Pentagon

March 12, 2015 Say you really want a sports car, a vacation, a big new house, or some other fancy thing you can’t really afford. You know that if you buy it, you’ll bust your budget. more »»

AEA’s 40th marks improved standards for student support

March 11, 2015 A 40th birthday is an important milestone in a person’s life. Amid the joke about approaching middle age is the comfort of being a little wiser than a person was just a decade ago. more »»

King v. Burwell’s very existence says a lot about Obamacare

March 11, 2015 On Wednesday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. more »»

In her grief, Tamir Rice’s mother stands alone

March 11, 2015 Even when Samaria Rice is surrounded by others, as she was at Tuesday’s news conference, she still seems so alon. more »»



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