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The Left has its Pope

September 26, 2015 Pope Francis has created political controversy, both inside and outside the Catholic Church, by blaming capitalism for many of the problems of the poo. more »»

Students are the real victims of censorship

September 26, 2015 The 2015-16 academic year has opened with a predictable collection of demands for banning certain views, often involving sexual or racial matters. more »»

Nuts to first class

September 26, 2015 I recently had the occasion to fly first class. As a poet and director of a small non-profit organization, this was a rare treat indeed. So why couldn’t I enjoy myself? It started with the warm nut. more »»

Stop the streaking

September 25, 2015 Dear Heloise: I always end up with a streaked mess whenever I try to clean the inside of my CAR WINDSHIELD. Do you have any good hints? I read your column in the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. more »»

Yogi Berra, an American story

September 25, 2015 WASHINGTON — The 18-year-old U.S. more »»

So long, Scott Walker

September 25, 2015 WASHINGTON — Scott Walker, we hardly knew ye. more »»

Mending our welcome mat

September 25, 2015 My great grandmother Rose was just 10 when she traveled to the United States with her family. They fled from Poland to England, took a boat to Canada, and crossed the border. more »»

Be cautious about venting marital frustration to family

September 24, 2015 Q: Should I share my marital frustrations and problems with my parents and siblings? We're a tight-knit family, and though my marriage isn't in crisis, sometimes I just need to vent. more »»

Still defending ‘Christian’ Obama

September 24, 2015 The Obama years may be winding down, but our President Obama-loving media never stops being hypersensitive about the man. more »»

Putin’s gambit, Obama’s puzzlement

September 24, 2015 WASHINGTON — Once again, President Obama and his foreign policy team are stumped. more »»

The Hillary chronicles

September 24, 2015 The bad news has continued to cascade onto the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, and none of it has anything to do with Clinton’s opinions on issues. It all is about her fitness for office. more »»

Engaged parents, engaged school community

September 23, 2015 The primary goal of the Marshalltown Community School District’s strategic action plan is to increase student achievement. more »»

Are our familiar political alignments suddenly changing?

September 23, 2015 As the 2016 presidential selection process proceeds, there is increasing evidence that the political patterns we have grown used to, that we have come to consider permanent, might be suddenly... more »»

Weren’t we supposed to be the feminists?

September 23, 2015 I was going to let it go, I swear. All this female snark heaped on the Miss America pageant? I told myself to walk away and move on. more »»

The long debate

September 22, 2015 It was a long debate. “The Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews clocked in at three hours. The CNN debate in Simi Valley, Calif., ran longer than that. more »»

America’s not a brave nation

September 22, 2015 America is not a brave nation. Yes, that’s a heretical thing to say. Yes, our military is the world’s finest and our servicewomen and men provide daily examples of incontestable courage. more »»

Have you given yourself that $1,400 after-tax raise yet?

September 22, 2015 If there’s one thing that I love about my loyal readers, it’s how responsive you are. Sometimes you like what you read, other times not so much. Now and then you simply need more information. more »»

Don’t freak out

September 21, 2015 Dear Dave, I started my own small bakery from home two years ago, providing wedding and specialty cakes. more »»

Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?

September 21, 2015 What Vladimir Putin is up to in Syria makes far more sense than what Barack Obama and John Kerry appear to be up to in Syria. more »»

The ‘Me’ generation

September 21, 2015 The most recent Republican presidential debate from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library brought to mind one of my favorite anecdotes. After President Franklin D. more »»



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