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MCC celebrates retention rate

February 11, 2015 Four years ago Marshalltown Community College embarked on a journey of transformation. We have been intentionally moving our students’ experiences toward success through engagement. more »»

The Democratic majority that emerged -- and disappeared

February 11, 2015 John Judis, co-author of the book "The Emerging Democratic Majority," now says in an article in National Journal that that majority has disappeared. His title: "The Emerging Republican Advantage. more »»

Mommy truce

February 11, 2015 In the early '90s, I used to perm my hair into spring coils and wore padded shoulders that gave me the wingspan of a whooper swan, but I thought my biggest problem was my 5-year-old daughter's... more »»

The gift of a crisis

February 10, 2015 It was the worst day of my life. Not one of the worst days. Not a day where not one thing seems to go right. Worse than that. more »»

Year-round school has merit

February 8, 2015 Year-round school is needed and Marshalltown could be a statewide leader in how best to deliver quality education to our students. more »»

Wes Burns vs. A good night’s sleep

February 8, 2015 So, you might have noticed that we got a metric ton of snow dropped on us in the last couple days. more »»

When the inspector comes, things fall apart

February 8, 2015 Below is a letter I just found from my house. more »»

Is a crude bottom forming?

February 7, 2015 Despite countless stories of lower earnings, strikes, layoffs and bankruptcies throughout the oil industry, a growing group of adventuresome speculators have been quietly buying crude oil as it... more »»

Stormy weather and politics

February 7, 2015 It was refreshing to see meteorologists apologize for their dire — and wrong — predictions of an unprecedented snow storm that they had said would devastate the northeas. more »»

A fine romance: Online daters hire private eyes

February 7, 2015 She was a lawyer, noisy but nice. He was a Marine, quiet and even nicer. more »»

Iowa needs more skilled workers to expand middle class

February 7, 2015 Iowa has a shortage of skilled workers. Employers say it’s the No. 1 obstacle to growing our economy. more »»

Mail on Sunday?

February 6, 2015 Dear Heloise: I have seen POSTAL TRUCKS driving around on Sundays. I didn’t think mail was delivered on Sundays. more »»

Defining economic failure down

February 6, 2015 WASHINGTON — Two phrases that Daniel Patrick Moynihan put into America’s political lexicon two decades ago are increasingly pertinent. more »»

Jeb Bush tastes first success in 2016 nomination stakes

February 6, 2015 WASHINGTON — The early decision of Jeb Bush to jump-start a Republican race for the 2016 presidential nomination has already bagged its first victim in Mitt Romney. more »»

Teaching young children about love

February 5, 2015 With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it reminds me about the emotion of “love” and how we can teach young children what love really is. more »»

Obama, the very worst deficit President

February 5, 2015 The press has barely noticed that President Obama has offered a new federal budget. Even in its paucity was a slant to be found. more »»

Coming out of the shadows

February 5, 2015 When I worked as a community organizer in New Mexico, I once overheard several women talking about a 2012 executive action on immigration. more »»

I suspect my child has a disability, what can the AEA do to help?

February 4, 2015 Have you ever wondered if your child is behind in any area of their development or education? Is your toddler not yet speaking or walking? Is your school-age child not reading at their grade level?... more »»

Bad policy, bad politics

February 4, 2015 Word comes that Barack Obama’s budget will, not surprisingly, call for ending the sequester spending limits now in effect. That’s not surprising. more »»

Praise God and bash the gays

February 4, 2015 This past week, I read that “social conservatives” will attempt to reinvigorate their anti-gay campaign for the 2016 presidential race. Briefly, I succumbed to the old response of bracing myself. more »»



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