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Who wrote the 2016 campaign script?

November 2, 2015 It first hit me on a Tuesday morning in March at a Washington presidential forum sponsored by the International Association of Fire Fighters. more »»

Should we fight for the Spratlys?

November 2, 2015 Trailed by two Chinese warships, the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen sailed inside the 12-nautical-mile limit of Subi Reef, a man-made island China claims as her national territory. more »»

Make the decision with her

November 2, 2015 Dear Dave, My wife and I just started your class, and we’re determined to get out of debt. At the same time, I’d like to do something to reduce the stress in her life. more »»

'If I were mayor ...'

November 1, 2015 We’ve all lamented that “you can’t fight City Hall” or “if I were mayor ...” Well that’s about to change ... at least, for some Marshalltown young people. more »»

Why not use that leftover Halloween candy?

November 1, 2015 Today I have some recipes that use Halloween candy. 3 Musketeers Puffs 3 Musketeers candy bars 1 package Pillsbury Crescents Slice candy bars into pieces. Unfold crescents. more »»

The truth about Republicans and sandwiches

November 1, 2015 I am not writing this column. You are not reading this column. This column is not written in English. The author of this column has a full-sleeve tattoo of the cast of “Taxi. more »»

Need to mow the yard? Get a goat

November 1, 2015 When looking for a new house one of our criteria was the backyard, in that it needed to have one. more »»

Hog market sees red

October 31, 2015 Hog prices slammed to a seven-month low this week on the heels of a World Health Organization report that showed links between processed meats and colorectal cancer. more »»

Hillary 2.0

October 31, 2015 Many people may share Senator Bernie Sanders’ complaint that he was tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. But the controversy is about issues far bigger than e-mails. more »»

Cities losing people, not brains

October 31, 2015 The population of New Orleans fell 7.3 percent after Hurricane Katrina, but guess what. NOLA now has 40,000 more college graduates than before the disaster. more »»

What's in the bottle?

October 30, 2015 Dear Readers: An old saying is "Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink." Hmm. Nondrinkable water can be seawater, a polluted lake or river and more. more »»

Is Iran's anti-Semitism too deep for deterrence?

October 30, 2015 WASHINGTON -- Yale historian Timothy Snyder is indebted to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently made Snyder's new book even more newsworthy than his extraordinary scholarship... more »»

Iraq war remains politically fateful, 12 years on

October 30, 2015 WASHINGTON -- A dozen years after the invasion of Iraq, it continues to cast a shadow over the 2016 presidential campaigns in both major parties. more »»

Hillary’s ‘victory lap’ of lies

October 29, 2015 To hear the media tell it, Hillary Clinton came to Capitol Hill as a bullfighter and easily killed the angry bulls of the House Benghazi committee. more »»

Hillary Clinton hasn’t learned a thing from Iraq

October 29, 2015 As the first Democratic presidential debate drew to a close, moderator Anderson Cooper posed a question to Hillary Clinton: How might her presidency differ from Barack Obama’s? Clinton smile. more »»

Raising caring kids

October 29, 2015 We all want to raise kids that care (especially with the problems we have nowadays with bullying); we want the child who shares, who has empathy for others; is a good friend, and will know what it... more »»

ECC students dive into fall activities

October 28, 2015 There is a lot to be excited about this fall at Ellsworth Community College! Academically and athletically our students have been hard at work both on- and off-campus. more »»

Clinton paying a price now for Benghazi

October 28, 2015 Nothing new there. Nothing to see here. Time to move on for good. more »»

Let’s give the kids a holiday from divorce

October 28, 2015 Halloween is just around the corner, which means we’re on the cusp of another season of anxiety and misery for too many children of divorc. more »»

Taking out the trash burners

October 28, 2015 Having scored one big victory for jobs and the environment, a group of Baltimore activists is trying to take things to the next level. more »»



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