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Armored vehicle is ‘Tupper’s Folly’

May 25, 2014 Because of USFS connections, Iowa DNR Forestry administers an Excess Federal Property Program. more »»

Remember the sacrifices of our veterans

May 25, 2014 Thanks Marshalltown community for pitching in to help make our recent Poppy Days a huge success. more »»

Caiman MTV is designed for war

May 18, 2014 Want to see what Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper thinks is necessary for police officers to be safe? Here’s an address to a Youtube blurb. more »»

America is addicted to cheap labor

May 18, 2014 Although my family and I have lived in Brownsville, Texas on the US-Mexico border for more than 20 years I have read with interest the numerous recent letters in your newspaper concerning Hispanics... more »»

Why wait? Participate now

May 13, 2014 Election time is once again here and many of you find the excuse that you didn’t have time, or forgot or even didn’t know who to vote for. Well, folks those are awful excuses for a variety of reasons. more »»

Cinco de Mayo Carnival fundraiser a success

May 13, 2014 The Cinco de Mayo Carnival fundraiser on May 2 was a big success! Thank you to everyone who volunteered – and we had MANY volunteers — volunteering time, talents, items, food, games, sound system,... more »»

Concerned about illegal immigration

May 13, 2014 On the subject of immigration, I believe the letters regarding it here in Marshalltown all have the same basic complaint — illegal immigrants are here by breaking the laws of the United States. more »»

Exchange program provides valuable experiences

May 11, 2014 I am a high school student from Saudi Arabia and I have spent the 2013-14 school year living in Marshalltown and going to Marshalltown High School. more »»

MPD seeking biggest toy in sandbox

May 11, 2014 The police department is interested in obtaining a refurbished war relic because it is cheap (to obtain) and “you never know when critical events are going to arise. more »»

What happens when Liberalism fails?

May 11, 2014 We don’t have to wait. We are staring at the failure. Just as Obamacare has become the icon for big government incompetence, Detroit has become the icon of unchecked liberalism. more »»

Postal patrons should rise up against foolishness

May 11, 2014 On page A3 of your April 28 issue, you carried an Associated Press article entitled “Smaller towns adjusting to post office changes. more »»

Marshalltown Poppy Days approaching

May 10, 2014 The theme for this year is “A Poppy says - Remembrance.” Remember the sacrifices of our veterans. more »»

Times to stand up against factory farms

May 10, 2014 When it comes to factory farms, the deck is stacked against everyday Iowans. more »»

Patten a good fit for supervisor

May 10, 2014 I would like to tell you about my friend Bill Patten. Bill is running for Marshall County Supervisor. We have worked on many committees together and I know he would be a great Supervisor. more »»

We’ll all need a DVR for the coming election

May 9, 2014 We’re all going to need a digital video recorder for the upcoming election to record our TV programs and fast forward through the untruthful, misleading political ads from PACs (political action... more »»

Putin is not the enemy

May 9, 2014 As we the U.S. more »»

It’s time for truth

May 7, 2014 Once again, I listen to the news and hear politicians accuse those seeking to expose the truth be labeled as politically motivated. That’s easy to say, especially if you don’t want the truth expose. more »»

Proud of House of Compassion

May 7, 2014 This letter is in response to the recent opinion about the House of Compassion’s pie in the face event being considered almost a si. more »»

Grateful for student exchange program

May 7, 2014 I am a high school student from Turkey. I have spent the last nine months of my life in Marshalltown and attended Marshalltown High School as an exchange student. more »»

Disagrees with letter writer

May 6, 2014 This is in response to Symone Gomez’s opinion “Offended by anti-immigration letter.” I am offended that a person cannot share his feelings about a very explosive subject without being called a racist. more »»



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