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Presidential candidates’ records tell us the complete story

September 28, 2008 We are not persuaded that uncritical “bipartisanship” in Washington is good for Americans. more »»

Politics and Panic

September 27, 2008 Two aspects of human behavior — politics and panic — need to be kept out of the reaction to the current financial situation. Both are counterproductive. Both would aggravate the problem. more »»

Fix The System

September 25, 2008 Possibly because it is an election year and no one in Washington wants to alienate any potential voters, federal action to prevent a financial markets meltdown may not address the cause of the... more »»

Only one candidate truly understands that fiscally, change is vital

September 23, 2008 Some of Sen. John McCain’s fellow Republicans may have grimaced a bit at part of his speech as he accepted the party’s nomination for president earlier this month. more »»

Clean coal

September 21, 2008 Presidents do not set energy policy by themselves. In fact, the White House can do little without the cooperation of Congress. That is why a key question Sen. more »»

Palin Power

September 20, 2008 Democrats who came out slugging at Sarah Palin when Sen. more »»

Double Trouble

September 18, 2008 The two quasi-government mortgage lending giants, “Fannie Mae” and “Freddie Mac,” have just become all government. more »»

Play Ball

September 14, 2008 Youngsters in New Haven, Conn., are getting the wrong messages from their city’s Youth Baseball League. They are being taught that excelling is a bad thin. more »»

For Obama to succeed, he must consider pacifying Clinton

September 13, 2008 During the Democratic Party National Convention last month in Denver, Sen. Barack Obama and his supporters talked a lot about what he will do if elected president. more »»

Let us never forget the reason our soldiers fight for Freedom

September 11, 2008 There is little doubt terrorism is a serious, frightening and difficult issue to deal with. more »»

Obama preached about it for months, but McCain is offering

September 7, 2008 Sen. John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate has pushed Sen. Barack Obama into a corner in regard to Obama’s campaign slogan: change. more »»

Hillary’s right

September 6, 2008 Sen. Hillary Clinton made a variety of good points regarding Sen. Barack Obama while the two were contending for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Now, she wants to take them back. more »»

America must be ready for all typ[es of battle, including Cyber Warfare

September 2, 2008 “Cyber warfare” — attacking an enemy’s electronic communications, including computer networks, is a growing threat, analysts have warned. Russia has provided emphatic proof of that. more »»

As election nears, more of us are seeing through Obama’s deceptions

August 31, 2008 Public opinion polls indicate that more and more Americans are beginning to see through Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign of charisma and deception. more »»

Time once again for our annual Equal Rites Awards presentation

August 27, 2008 Once more we honor our foremothers by celebrating the anniversary of the passage of women’s suffrage (Aug. 26). more »»

Debates don’t appeal to someone who doesn’t think well on his feet

August 24, 2008 Sen. Barack Obama has made it official, in a way: He’s afraid to debate Sen. John McCain. more »»

Energy Woes

August 23, 2008 Clean coal technology needs to be a key part of the nation’s energy mix in the future. more »»

Keeping President Bush out of mischief?

August 21, 2008 Liberals in the U.S. Senate are not willing to meet this month to discuss energy legislation — but are eager to use a childish maneuver designed solely to spite President Bush. more »»

Even if they ask nicely, ICE won’t likely find many voluntary deportees

August 19, 2008 Federal immigrations officials, unable to even slow the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, have come up with one of the most ridiculous ideas ever to originate in Washington, D.C. more »»

With great fanfare and celebration, China bid the world welcome

August 17, 2008 The Olympic Games are “pure” sport, not a forum for governments to promote their own policies or crack down on opponents, right? Wrong. more »»



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