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Road runs directly into Washington’s earmark culture of waste

February 8, 2008 Coconut Road near Fort Myers looks like any other concrete ribbon near housing developments, golf courses and shopping malls in this state’s booming southwest. more »»

What really happened to John Edwards’ campaign?

February 8, 2008 He was back again on Wednesday, never so eloquent as in withdrawing from the Democratic race for the presidential nomination. more »»

What would she do without politics?

February 8, 2008 A friend of mine once speculated that if Hillary Clinton is defeated in the primaries, she would then divorce Bill and take him to court for his multiple infidelities. more »»

Wanted: A solution — and a way to pay for it

February 3, 2008 There’s a controversial issue brewing at the Marshalltown City Hall. Marshalltown is lacking in sidewalks. That’s not the issue. more »»

Taxpayers deserve answers for $40 million NASA ‘conflict’

February 2, 2008 Shortly after the start of the new year, NASA announced that it will delay sending a space probe to Mars for two years and expects the cost of the mission to increase by $40 million because of an... more »»

Governor needs to be upfront about what his bottle bill really is: another new tax

January 27, 2008 Apparently, Gov. Chet Culver needs a lesson in correct word definitions. The governor wants to change the state’s bottle deposit law, and he wants to keep some of the money to boot. more »»

Any deadline to withdraw U.S. troops in Iraq only aids enemy

January 26, 2008 President Bush, prodded by reporters covering his trip to the Middle East to reveal plans to bring some U.S. troops home from Iraq, took precisely the right position. more »»

Americans need reminder to be better prepared for disasters

January 24, 2008 Enormous sums of taxpayers’ money — in the billions of dollars — are being spent to repair damage from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and to prepare that city for the next big storm. more »»

Will the ‘real’ Hillary please step forward?

January 20, 2008 Post-New Hampshire, whose primary has a long record of correcting the anomalies of the Iowa Caucuses, the storyline from St. more »»

Congress should repeal silly tax, show they’re not greedy

January 19, 2008 Every parent of growing children knows how expensive shoes can be, especially when a new shoe that fits today seemingly may be outgrown next wee. more »»

NASA needs a reminder that it serves the people, not itself

January 17, 2008 NASA finally has released some information it obtained in a survey of about 8,000 pilots — but only after an outraged public demanded that it do s. more »»

The Times-Republican encourages members of the Iowa Utilities Board to approve the power plant plan

January 13, 2008 Members of the Iowa Utilities Board gather in Marshalltown this week for a hearing on the proposed new Alliant Energy power plan. more »»

If it weren’t for the holiday break, we might be reeling from even more Congresssional earmarks

January 6, 2008 Members of Congress have been out of Washington for the Christmas-New Year’s holiday, so our wallets are safe for a few more days until Congress reconvenes on Jan. 2. more »»

Obama, Romney are right choices

December 30, 2007 It seems with every election, Americans like to talk about change. Change in government, change in spending, change in the course in Iraq and change in the White House. more »»

Obama brings Americans a message of hope, change

December 30, 2007 Open the doors and let the American people in. more »»

Romney has proven record of leadership, plan for change

December 30, 2007 Selecting a president is a huge responsibilit. more »»


December 23, 2007 A phrase we often hear this time of year is one wishing all “peace on earth.” We couldn’t agree more. more »»

As Christmas draws nearer, we prepare for the best celebration of all with this invitation: Come, Emmanuel

December 22, 2007 It’s Christmastime, the most wonderful season of the year. more »»

A billion dollars would be a terrible thing to lose

December 16, 2007 A billion dollar investment in Marshall County doesn’t come along very often. more »»

Maybe Senate, GOP are better off without Trent Lott

December 13, 2007 It was barely a year ago that Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott stood for re-election to yet another six-year term. But with a Ja. more »»



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