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Taxidermist show in Marshalltown

March 28, 2015 The IOWA TAXIDERMISTS ASSOCIATION is a dedicated group of professional artists. Their specialty is how to create a lifelike mount of an animal while paying exceptional attention to detai. more »»

Springtime ducks are starting to arrive

March 21, 2015 Today‚Äôs featured creature is the big waterbird, the COMMON MERGANSER. more »»

Eagles eye the big picture

March 14, 2015 BALD EAGLES are in the news, especially at the Decorah website. Cameras keep a 24-hour watch over the pair as they brood three eggs. more »»

Spring is here!

March 14, 2015 There really is no other title that fits this week. more »»

DU Banquet March 14

March 7, 2015 DUCKS UNLIMITED is onto a good thing. Year after year they meet and greet members at a banquet to honor their members, learn about wetland projects, and raise money during a fun evening. more »»

Caution is needed

March 7, 2015 The ice fishing, sadly enough, is coming to an abrupt end. Earlier in the week temperatures were forecasted to be in the 40s and 50s for the next week or two. more »»

Winter is for the birds

February 28, 2015 WINTER IS FOR THE BIRDS is a phrase we have all heard at some point in our life. more »»

An eye for the best nature images

February 21, 2015 PHOTO CONTESTS can be fun to enter. For the Marshall County Conservation Board, the contest just completed was the 14th year for this friendly competition. more »»

A unique nature note

February 14, 2015 DEER ANTLERS are true bone, an annual outgrowth from the skulls of male cervids. All members of the family cervidae have them ... moose, caribou, elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer and black tail deer. more »»

How much longer can we ice fish?

February 14, 2015 The snow piled up around the Marshalltown area a few weeks ago. This past weekend much of that has melted away. With Valentine's Day tomorrow (hint ... more »»

Birds compete for best nest sites

January 31, 2015 EAGLE versus GREAT-HORNED OWL is on the news at Decorah. A pair of great-horned owls are attempting to take over a nest built by bald eagles. more »»

Citizen science bird watching adds to database

January 24, 2015 TRUMPETER SWANS are very common critters in Iowa today thanks to a captive breeding program that started more than 20 years ag. more »»

The hidden lessons winter brings us

January 24, 2015 There is something romantic about winter. more »»

Water refill almost complete at Green Castle

January 17, 2015 GREEN CASTLE RECREATION AREA has new lake water. The lake is almost completely refilled since the gates were closed last fall. Slowly but surely water levels began to rise. more »»

Nature is the real world

January 10, 2015 The REAL WORLD, the real classroom for outdoor education, has to take place outside. Yes, the ideas and themes of conservation can be introduced in classroom settings. more »»

Ice fishing ... again

January 10, 2015 To say it has been a weird winter would be an understatement. Thus far this winter I have ice fished in Central Iowa earlier than I ever have, which was Nov. 1. more »»

Ice flows on river create bumpy texture

January 3, 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR. This scribe predicts the following things will happen during 2015. more »»

Another year full circle, welcome to 2015

December 27, 2014 GRAY FOX are one of Iowa's not very often seen creatures. The main reasons for this is its nocturnal behavior, and low population level. more »»

The First Christmas

December 20, 2014 It was a clear, cold and starlight night. A blanket of the whitest snow bedded down the valley of the Iowa ... there were no lights from farms or villages ... because there were no farms of villages . more »»



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