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Remembering 1940

November 16, 2013 NOVEMBER 11, 1940. This scribe was five years away from being born. So I do not have any firsthand knowledge of the big day the ducks piled into every marsh or wetland they could find. more »»

Swans ready to hit the airwaves soon

November 9, 2013 TRUMPETER SWANS (Cygnus buccinator) represent a wildlife management success story. Once on the brink of being lost as a species, this magnificent bird has come back. That is great news. more »»

Green Castle improvements continue with silt removal

November 2, 2013 GREEN CASTLE’s silt removal work is going well. Marty Malloy and Jeremiah Manken, staff members of the MCCB, were able to use rented heavy equipment for the initial stages of soil movin. more »»

Fishing still in full swing

November 2, 2013 The calendar may read November, and there is a plethora of hunting seasons going on, but there is still time to catch some fish before Mother Nature freezes the water. more »»

Deer are on the move

October 26, 2013 DEER are extra active now due to nature’s plan for continuation of the next generation of whitetails. more »»

Pheasants are few, but still hanging on

October 19, 2013 PHEASANTS are big business, if there are enough birds to make the hunters come to the area where the birds live. Iowa has been especially hit hard over the past several years. more »»

Conservation Center celebrates 10 years

October 12, 2013 CONSERVATION EDUCATION is one very important tenet of the mission of the Marshall County Conservation Board (MCCB). more »»

Panfish in the fall

October 12, 2013 Each and every morning on my way to get into my truck to go to work, I take deep breathes of that fall air. There is doubt that Mother Nature is showing off right now with these beautiful fall days. more »»

Diligence a constant ingredient for conservation

October 5, 2013 FALL is here. Hurray! Leaf color changes are close at hand. Cooler air will follow also. Hunting seasons are opening for many species with more to com. more »»

Mighty midgets

September 28, 2013 They are small. They are fast. They are survivors. And they are fun to watch. more »»

Slow down with fall fishing

September 28, 2013 Sept. 21 marked the first day of fall, although the feel in the air did not seem like i. more »»

Hawk watch teaches about local migration

September 21, 2013 HAWKS are big and numerous at this time of year. Middle to late September is the perfect time to watch the skies for these raptors as they move southward. more »»

Base flow keeps some water in the river

September 14, 2013 WATER is precious. All living things, plant or animal, need it. Without it we die. Without water plants also become stressed to the point where some may not live through it. more »»

Natural resources need our help

September 7, 2013 WILDLIFE populations of all species ebb and flow, up or down, all driven by a host of factors. Each year is different. more »»

Fishing derby ‘Iowa Connections’ a big hit

August 31, 2013 IOWA CONNECTIONS is the title Denny Baker, of St. Anthony, applies to the fall excursion to Kettle Lodge, Halley’s Camps, Ontario, Canada. more »»

Bison are big beasts

August 23, 2013 BISON are big beasts. They are powerful if they choose to employ their full strength to get from point A to point B. more »»

Bass in the grass

August 23, 2013 The hot months of summer can provide excellent fishing, if you can focus on certain areas of lakes, rivers and ponds. Today’s information will be focused on the latter of that list, ponds. more »»

Native plants a virtual pharmacy if we can learn to understand how they work

August 17, 2013 PALE PURPLE CONEFLOWER are neat plants. more »»

Colo Bogs a remnant of glacial ice 

August 10, 2013 COLO BOGS has been known for decades as a wetland complex a few miles west of State Center. This area of land is relatively flat to slightly undulating in topography. more »»

Lake improvements pay long run dividends

August 3, 2013 GREEN CASTLE is getting a lot of attention from the MCCB staff this summer. As you may already be aware, water levels in the lake continue to go down slowly with the aid of a siphon system. more »»



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