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Archery deer season starts today

October 1, 2011 DEER SEASON for archers began this morning and this scribe will most likely still be in his tree stand as you read today’s story. more »»

The art of camouflage

September 24, 2011 GRAY TREE FROGS, Hyla versicolor, are cryptic. They are well camouflaged against whatever natural background they cling to. If it is a tree, the mottled grays blend in with the color of the bark. more »»

Fishing fun: A gift from the outdoors

September 17, 2011 TROUT had better head for the hide when these ladies pull out their fly rods or open face spinning gear. more »»

Wood Duck production good in central Iowa

September 10, 2011 WOOD DUCKS (Aix sponsa) are beautiful birds with a distinctive multi-colored plumage. more »»

Prairie grasses stand the test of time

September 3, 2011 SAND LOVEGRASS (Eragrostis trichodes) presents itself at this time of year as one of the primary grasses one may see at the Marietta Sand Prairie. more »»

Water sifted sands can be fine art

August 27, 2011 Geologists call it Base Flow. This term means that the majority of the water in area streams and rivers is from the surrounding slow leakage from the water table of surrounding lands. more »»

Glacial ice gave us this marsh

August 20, 2011 HENDRICKSON MARSH may not be a big wetland complex, but it is one of many “stepping stone” wildlife areas in Iowa that are utilized by migrating critters big and small each spring and fal. more »»

Nature: What a gift

August 13, 2011 I was taking a walk-about the other day, a frequent happening for this scribe, through natural areas close to home. more »»

The House Wren: A feisty creature

August 5, 2011 HOUSE WRENS are feisty critters, very territorial and dedicated to protecting their nest and the associated habitats where they eat insects and spiders, including beetles, caterpillars, earwigs,... more »»

Fishing time = thinking time

July 30, 2011 Mankind should take fishing lessons from Great Blue Herons. They have patience to wait ... and wait ... and wait ... for just the right time to make a move. more »»

Lazy river tube floating a good summer adventure

July 23, 2011 The IOWA RIVER is peaceful at the moment. It’s flow rate is low and slow compared to its potential during flooding times. more »»

Support wildlife areas with stamps

July 16, 2011 MIGRATORY BIRDS get a big boost from the income generated from the sale of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamp. more »»

Turkey banquet next weekend

July 9, 2011 WILD TURKEYS are our largest game bird. They are tough rascals able to endure cold winters, hot summers and predators big and small. more »»

Snakes have to make a living too  

July 2, 2011 SNAKES are part of our wildlife legacy. They have ecological niches to fill in the predator/prey game of life. more »»

Goose Roundup is Monday

June 25, 2011 CANADA GEESE have hatched their young. Right now, the goslings have grown enough that their legs will support an official Fish and Wildlife leg band. more »»

Alaska’s Inside Passage Cruise

June 18, 2011 ALASKA is a long way from Iowa. Going to Alaska has been on our ‘bucket list’ for a long time. We made it happen and are not sorry we did. It was a fantastic trip. more »»

What’s wrong with my pine tree?

June 11, 2011 If you are a homeowner with evergreens or a windbreak tree planting on your property, perhaps you’ve asked yourself or a neighbor this question recently. more »»

Become an Outdoorsmen

June 4, 2011 A month ago an email came across my computer from the regular scribe of this column, Garry Brandenburg. He tempted me with the idea of being a guest writer. more »»

May mushrooms: A mighty meal

May 28, 2011 MOREL MUSHROOMS are one of Iowa forest’s sweet treats during the month of May. Lots of people look for them in the same places that have been good for production in years past. more »»

Nature’s identification lessons never end

May 21, 2011 There are sparrows and there are sparrows. more »»



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