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Nature is OKAY

February 11, 2012 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION are what a film maker may call for when the conditions are right to proceed. Well for everyone that is a nature enthusiast, that is virtually anytime. more »»

Groundhog prediction: Six more weeks of winter

February 4, 2012 WOODCHUCKS hibernate throughout the winter in a burrow deep enough to be below frost line. There the soil temperature is cold, not freezing, and constant. more »»

Predators and prey play an ancient game of survival

January 28, 2012 WINTER seems to be much more enjoyable because of the wildlife we se. more »»

Indoor events highlight outdoor adventures

January 21, 2012 Our mild winter weather up to now has been replaced by the reality of bitter winds, severe cold and snow, lots of it. more »»

Monarchs winter in Mexico

January 14, 2012 MONARCH BUTTERFLIES may be the last thing on our minds as we experience more ‘normal’ January weather outside this weekend. more »»

Unique white Red-Tailed Hawk in area

January 7, 2012 LEUCISM is the name biologists have given to the unusual condition for bird’s plumage being white or mostly white. more »»

Outdoor memories last a lifetime

December 31, 2011 MEMORIES of a lifetime will be the focus for many future stories to family and friends for eleven year old Ashlen Young. Her first deer was a nice buck, a worthy trophy indeed. more »»

Iowa River Valley sleeps tonight

December 24, 2011 The VALLEY OF THE IOWA sleeps tonight, resting after another year of the normal ups and downs of lots of water from too much rain and then low flows from too little rain. more »»

Statewide deer take passes 90,000

December 17, 2011 URBAN DEER HUNTS are quite common in many cities in Iowa. In fact, quite a few other Midwestern and eastern states also employ this process to take overpopulations of deer out of urban “refuge” areas. more »»

Hunting safer than many other sports

December 10, 2011 WARM CLOTHES is exactly what humans needed this week during the shotgun hunting season. more »»

Shotgun deer seasons a primary management tool

December 3, 2011 SHOTGUN DEER SEASON number one begins today, Dec 3rd. more »»

Song dog sings in the forest

November 26, 2011 Coyotes are common, just not seen very often. more »»

Beaver dams create habitats

November 19, 2011 BEAVERS (Castor canadensis) are among the largest rodents in the world. more »»

Trail cameras catch the action

November 12, 2011 TRAIL CAMERAS are popular items for hunters. The camera allows for surveillance of an area, trail system or crossing points while the hunter is elsewhere. more »»

Buy two federal duck stamps

November 5, 2011 BIRD BRAINED is an old term formerly used to describe less than dutiful actions of people. If you were comparing such actions to Chickadees, bird brained should be a great complement. more »»

Dead Skunk in the middle of the road

October 29, 2011 There is a song played on country radio periodically titled "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road." I laugh every time it plays ... more »»

Antlers: Story tellers of deer history

October 22, 2011 Iowa WHITETAIL DEER are our most common big game animal. Iowa will have an occasional mule deer wander into the state, same for an elk or moose. more »»

IOWA: A landscape highly modified over time

October 15, 2011 PRAIRIES are grasslands, tiny remnants of a once vast ‘sea of grass’ that stretched across the entire mid section of Americ. more »»

Droughts happen

October 8, 2011 DROUGHTS HAPPEN. Even though most of Iowa has not been hit with a dry spell similar to the one currently underway from Florida to Arizona, we too have experienced droughts before. more »»

Archery deer season starts today

October 1, 2011 DEER SEASON for archers began this morning and this scribe will most likely still be in his tree stand as you read today’s story. more »»



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