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A balancing act

March 5, 2016 TRUMPETER SWANS in large wild flocks were just part of a huge migration scenario playing out last weeken. more »»

The season is changing

March 5, 2016 While ice fishing still looms at the northern parts of the state, it is pretty much over for Central Iowa. more »»

Opossums smarter than we think

February 27, 2016 OPOSSUMS are common, consistent and enduring members of North America's wildlif. more »»

Students on target for success

February 20, 2016 BOWS AND ARROWS can be one method of encouraging students in grades 4-12 to stay interested in all aspect of their student careers of learning. more »»

Centennial of Bird Treaty begins in 2016

February 13, 2016 The MIGRATORY BIRD TREATY will be recognized beginning in 2016 for the work accomplished a century ago. more »»

Robins galore this winter

February 6, 2016 ROBINS (Turdus migratorius) are making themselves known this winter in central Iowa. Many reports of robins gathering about the bushes and shrubs of urban settings keep coming in. more »»

Ice fishing at Hickory Grove Lake

February 6, 2016 Hickory Grove Lake which sits about 25 miles west of Marshalltown is a hot spot for panfish in this area. This park is used all year-round and for many reasons. more »»

Thankful for citizen science

January 30, 2016 CITIZEN SCIENCE is the title of today's exploration of natural happenings or events. more »»

At the heart of ice fishing

January 30, 2016 The weather has been delightful as of late, and local ice anglers have been taking advantage of some good ice fishing opportunities. more »»

Winter cold transforms landscape

January 23, 2016 WINTER in Iowa. What can one say about this normal season. It is cold. There will be snow. There will be calm days and some when winds are horrifically brutal. more »»

Raptor migration a big deal

January 16, 2016 BIRDS OF PREY, raptors, use river valleys as natural travel corridors every fall when the urge to migrate dominates their flight patterns. more »»

Ice fishing has begun

January 16, 2016 If you were driving around the Marshalltown area this past week you may have noticed that anglers were testing the ice on ponds in the county. more »»

The mystery of the Blue Jay

January 9, 2016 The common BLUE JAY is this week's featured creature. We've all seen them, heard them and admired (or despised) them until one really studies this animal and gets to know what makes them tic. more »»

Better times for pheasants

January 2, 2016 PHEASANTS are easier to see when there is snow on the ground. Easier for people obviously since the plumage of this popular game bird stands in contrast to an all white snowy landscape. more »»

Winter takes center stage

December 26, 2015 First of all, to all the loyal readers of OUTDOORS TODAY, thank you for your tips, sightings and interest in what the natural world has to offer. more »»

The First Christmas

December 19, 2015 It was a clear, cold and starlight night. A blanket of the whitest snow bedded down the valley of the Iowa ... there were no lights from farms or villages ... because there were no farms of villages . more »»

White Christmas history is 50 percent

December 19, 2015 WHITE CHRISTMAS, a nice soft dusting of one inch of snow is what lots of Iowans wish for. Sometimes we get what we wish. Sometimes we get a lot more snow ... blizzard conditions .. more »»

Canada geese are big beautiful birds

December 12, 2015 CANADA GEESE are everywhere it seems. Any farm pond, area lake, river or Marshalltown's Riverside Cemetery pond hold plenty of this large waterfowl. more »»

Ice, ice baby!

December 12, 2015 Just a few more weeks — but not Christmas, ice fishing! With the colder temperatures in the 20-day forecast, Iowans all over the state will soon be able to do the winter sport that they love, ice... more »»

Deer gun hunting opens today

December 5, 2015 DEER SHOTGUN SEASON number one is under way for the 2015 season. more »»



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