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Bush’s budget isn’t innovative unless it trims some major fat

February 19, 2008
In unveiling his $3.1 trillion budget proposal recently, President Bush referred to it as “innovative.”

Perhaps the means of providing it — electronically instead of in thick paper documents — is new and improved. Still is little evidence that the proposal itself contains anything but the same old irresponsible, out-of-control spending plan of the past, however.

Bush’s budget proposal is being posted online this year, instead of being printed on paper. We think taxpayers want more savings than that represented by the new technique, however.

The proposal is bulked up by the need to spend enormous amounts on defense, of course. We agree with Bush that the nation cannot safely relax its priority to continue battling terrorist organizations throughout the world.

There are some proposals to cut non-defense spending — but we suspect that Bush is well aware that, particularly during an election year, there is no reason to believe that Congress will go along with them.

Until and unless presidents and lawmakers begin slashing pork-barrel and “entitlement” spending, the budget will not be truly innovative.


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