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Talk Back March 9, 2008

March 9, 2008
I wish the snowmobilers would shovel my sidewalk if they come down the sidewalk and put snow all over it again so I don’t get fined.

Snowmobile Plea

The only reason people like Bush in other countries is he gives our money to them.

Bush Bash

Anyone who thinks McCain is the greatest American has something wrong with them.

McCain Bash

You seem to let the same people call in here. I want someone older with more experience to be our new president than someone like Obama or Clinton.

McCain Supporter

I have recovered from a head injury and now work but get paid pennies. It isn’t right.

Upset With System

Why doesn’t the council look at the people’s needs rather than their own needs? My car is out of alignment because of these streets.

Street Potholes

What does anyone gain after a war?

Upset With War

If Hillary gets the nomination I’ll vote Democrat but if the other one does, I’ll vote Republican.

Split Decision

I suppose Bush will borrow the money for the rebates from China to give us. They’ll get it back when they send us all the faulty stuff.

China Syndrome

If you want more Bush-Cheney, vote for McCain.

Same Old Thing

I wonder how much that dance Bush got in Africa cost taxpayers?

Money Dance

McCain is still fighting the Vietnam War. How many other veterans were there with him that didn’t get his benefits?


In the absence of sidewalks I’d like to teach our students to walk on the side of the street facing traffic. It’s safer.

Safe Walking


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