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Congress should remove loophole that adds danger for troops fighting overseas.

March 23, 2008
It has been estimated that during the past five years, fraud involved in contracts between the federal government and private companies has cost taxpayers $14 billion.

We’ll bet the estimate is a low one.

But Justice Department officials have decided that laws against contract fraud need more teeth.

That is the purpose of a bill in Congress to crack down on fraudulent contractors and, where companies do not condone wrongdoing, their employees.

A provision inserted into the bill — reportedly by the White House — would allow companies engaged in overseas work through government contracts to avoid reporting abuses such as fraud.

We didn’t make that up: The loophole could allow more contract fraud, providing it occurs overseas — in Iraq, for example.

Some members of Congress already have expressed their anger at the loophole.


They should follow up by closing it — especially in view of the fact that overseas contractor fraud can put American troops, serving in harm’s way, in even more danger.


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