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A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf

June 5, 2008
Democrats in Congress claim that they can increase spending on popular domestic programs while avoiding deficit spending.

They probably can — but what they haven’t been eager for the public to learn is that their proposal relies on about $400 billion in tax increases.

Yes, $400 billion.

The $3.1 trillion budget proposal, crafted by Democrats in both houses of Congress, preserves some tax cuts enacted during President Bush’s term in office. But it relies on allowing many others — including income tax rate reductions that benefit many Americans — to expire.

During a three-year period beginning with the 2009 fiscal year, failure to renew those tax cuts would pump $400 billion into the treasury.

It also would damage the economy, hit virtually every taxpayer hard in the pocketbook, and, in all likelihood, force some businesses to lay off workers.

Should the plan be sent to his desk, President Bush should veto it — and send a clear message to Democrats in Congress: Adding higher taxes to an already slumping economy and increased gas and food prices isn’t an option.

That’s three strikes — and in our ballgame, it’s also an out.


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