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There’s only one word that can be used when talking about terrorism. It must be erradicated

July 24, 2008

Taliban and al-Qaida terrorists seem to be gaining strength in Afghanistan, and may have increased the tempo of their attacks in order to affect elections in the United States.

Recently, nine American soldiers were killed when terrorists attacked their small base near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. During the past few weeks, more people have died as a result of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan than in Iraq.

Also during the same timeframe, the Taliban issued a bloody reminder of the stakes for Afghanis in the current conflict. They executed two women solely because, according to the Taliban, the victims had been working as prostitutes.

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One complaint about U.S. involvement in Iraq has been that it does not directly involve al-Qaida (though that group is responsible for some terrorist attacks in Iraq). But the situation in Afghanistan is different.

There, our only foes are al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Clearly, then, reaction by U.S. and other forces to the new offensive needs to be overwhelming. Al-Qaida and the Taliban should be eradicated in Afghanistan.



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