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Obama is more interested in pleasing voters than supporting our troops

August 5, 2008

From one day to the next, it is difficult to predict what Sen. Barack Obama's position on the war in Iraq will be.

He wooed Democratic Party voters during the primary season with promises to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq as soon as he became president. Then he won more cheers from them by specifying that a pullout would be completed by the end of 2009. Now, Obama says mid-2010 sounds about right.

But what is not in question is that Obama is not telling the truth about how his Iraq policy is formulated. He continues to insist that any action regarding Iraq would be taken only because of the advice of military leaders.

That isn't true. Generals and admirals involved directly with the conflict in Iraq have said repeatedly that any specific timetable for removing U.S. troops would give aid and comfort to our terrorist enemies in Iraq. They continued to say that this week, after meeting with Obama in Iraq.

Yet Obama continues to specify timetables for withdrawal - albeit different ones as the months go by. Obviously, Obama's priority is pleasing voters - not supporting our troops in the campaign against terrorism, and certainly not winning it.



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