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Think on his feet?

August 16, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama has made it official, in a way: He's afraid to debate Sen. John McCain.

Obama's campaign has agreed to have their candidate in just three debates with McCain - the minimum that the Democrat standard-bearer could have gotten away with without an incredible loss of face.

The three debates to which Obama has agreed will be sponsored by the federal Commission on Presidential Debates, which also will stage one event for candidates for vice president.

For his part, McCain has virtually offered to debate Obama anytime, at any place. Months ago, he issued an invitation for Obama to join him in a series of "town hall" meetings. Obama declined.

It has been obvious for some time that Obama does well in highly scripted media events. McCain seems more comfortable taking questions offered spontaneously by "town hall" participants.

In other words, Obama apparently doesn't think well on his feet and prefers to avoid uncomfortable situations. That isn't exactly a recommendation for someone who wants to be president of the United States.



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