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Energy Woes

August 23, 2008

Clean coal technology needs to be a key part of the nation's energy mix in the future. So do increased drilling for domestic reserves of oil and gas, along with use of new technology to extract fuel from sources such as oil shale. And, there is no reason why nuclear energy cannot play a bigger role.

All of those things seem obvious to thoughtful Americans - but not to Sen. Barack Obama and liberals in Congress. Their energy policy leads off with conservation, which may save some fuel but won't provide an additional drop of it. It proceeds to taxing the dickens out of oil companies, to provide tax relief to families struggling to cope with high energy costs. Again, that won't provide any new fuel - to the contrary, it would eliminate incentives for the private sector to find and market more oil, gas and other forms of energy.

Finally, Obama and company pledge that "alternative fuels" are the way for America to go. Never mind that the limits of most alternatives, such as hydroelectric and wind power, are well known. And never mind that many of the pie-in-the-sky alternatives being proposed will take decades to develop - if they work at all.

Last week, McCain became the first presidential candidate "in recent memory," according to The Associated Press, to tour a nuclear power plant. In going through one near Detroit, McCain reiterated his position that the United States needs more nuclear energy.

Meanwhile, Obama insists that nuclear power "doesn't make sense for America."

Obama has accused McCain and conservatives of wanting to "drill their way" out of the energy challenge. That's better than the liberal strategy - of taxing and dreaming our way out of it.



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