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Palin Power

September 20, 2008

Democrats who came out slugging at Sarah Palin when Sen. John McCain announced her as his running mate have made it clear that their idea of a "glass ceiling" has less to do with gender than with elitism.

Palin just doesn't have the ivory tower education and liberal activism credentials to suit them. And in terms of "change," her record is one of making it happen - not merely talking about it.

Palin has more practical and down-to-earth experience than Obama in government. His only exposure to public service has been as an Illinois legislator and a member of the U.S. Senate. Hers has been as the mayor of a small town - like most municipalities in our country - and as governor of Alaska.

Palin, while a member of her state's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, forced a fellow member to resign after she launched an investigation of his conduct. She also forced Alaska's attorney general - a fellow Republican - to resign after she filed an ethics complaint against him.

But Palin didn't attend Harvard. While Obama was there, she was working in the family business.

She didn't run a liberal-oriented political activist group. While Obama was doing that, she was serving on the Wasilla, Alaska, city council and helping real people with real problems.

As Obama was using the Chicago Democratic Party machine to win a seat in the Illinois legislature, Palin was winning a vote of confidence from her townspeople, who elected her mayor.

While Obama was launching his campaign for president, Palin was taking on the oil industry in Alaska - demanding new taxes on it. She also was strengthening her state's ethics laws.

For several years, Obama has proclaimed himself to be the candidate of "change." At the same time, Palin has been a true agent of it.

While Obama was networking with liberal leaders in politics and academia, Palin was gaining real experience, making real changes. It is that difference, one of elitist credentials, that makes Palin unacceptable to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.



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