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Democracy has spoken

November 5, 2008

Regardless of your political view, this year's election will forever be remembered as the dawn of a new era in America.

America's first African American president - a young, energetic senator from Illinois who campaigned on the promise of hope - will move into the Oval Office in January.

We'll be honest, Sen. Barack Obama wasn't our first choice for president. We had - and still have - many concerns about his plans regarding the economy, health care, taxes, education and defense.

But the American people have spoken. And that is the beauty of living in a democracy.

You see, when it all comes to an end - regardless of your political affiliation - the most important part of the election isn't who won and who lost. It's all about freedom.

We can't help but applaud the democratic process even when our candidate didn't win.

The fact that we can choose sides is in itself a testament to the power of a democracy.

The fact that we can argue about the war in Iraq, educational standards, health care costs, the economy and more just goes to show how good we have it in the United States of America.

As for Obama, we have our share of concerns, but the votes have been counted and the voters have placed him in charge of our nation.

The best we can do now is what we would do with any new president - wait and see what happens over the next four years.



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