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Take some time to stop and ‘smell the roses’ this Holiday Season

December 4, 2008

We can't help but enjoy this time of year.

Oh sure, snow and ice on the streets can be a bit frustrating, but it can't overcome the joy the holiday season brings.

Often it's the little things that make this season so wonderful:

Hearing your favorite Christmas carols while you shop.

Being greeted with "Merry Christmas" at every turn.

Filling the house with the smell of fresh-baked Christmas goodies.

A warm cup of hot chocolate while reading a book by the fire.

Driving around town and enjoying the holiday lights.

Ah, the lights.

Every year, there seem to be more of them popping up, brightening yards and hearts alike.

This year, we've seen many new displays across town and can't help but comment on how wonderful it is to see so many displays of holiday joy.

During these hard economic times, we half expected to see fewer lights. We could almost imagine many making the decision to not put up lights in view of it being only another added expense during tougher times.

Instead, we've been greeted with a plethora of lights everywhere we turn: from a simple single strand lighting up a bush in the front yard to scenes that instantly bring back memories of watching Chevy Chase decorate for the holidays in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Among our favorites, of course, is the beautiful display that graces the lawn of the Marshall County Courthouse.

The lights there seem to always amaze young and old as they watch the flicker and glow while music plays on the radio.

Ah, the lights.

We hope you'll take time this holiday season - a break from the many other tasks of the season, if you will - to take an evening drive through the streets of our communities and enjoy the holiday lights.

We hope they brighten your heart as much as they do ours each year.



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